You don't know how cool it is to see a fully-rendered face like this animated on your TV screen until you've actually played Heavy Rain.

Just today, I've got to experience the demo to this game, and I have to say that Quantic Dream has really pulled it off this time.

Note that this is quite a hefty demo.

Here's what to look forward to when it releases to the public this upcoming Thursday:


Tutorial - 

In the demo, you start off with a tutorial playing as Scott Shelby (the man in the image above). To start off, you move the right analog stick to get out of the car, which is easy enough. After that, things begin to get a little bit harder. To walk, you have to press the R2 button to move forward, and then move the left analog stick to steer your character. This took me a long while to get used to, but once I got the hang of it, things ran smoothly from there.

The tutorial also introduces you into listening to the thoughts of the characters, reminding you of Scott Shelby's asthma. So you pull out his inhaler (with the right analog stick), give it a good shake with the controller, and press R1 to press the inhaler and take a deep breath.

As you continue forward, you run along a dumpster that is in your path. To squeeze past it, you have to hold the buttons that appear on the screen. This takes a while getting used to as well, taking account of the buttons all over the controller that I have to hold. I have to admit that I never got used to this, but it didn't ruin the overall experience of the demo.


Sleazy Place - 

After the tutorial, you actually got to play the game. You continue to play as Scott Shelby walking into a noisy apartment. I started off by walking to the reception desk looking for the woman I wanted to interrogate. The receptionist tells me that he's never heard of her. The right analog stick then prompted me to make a gesture. After making the movement, Scott placed $5 on the table. The receptionist suddenly realized that he knew who I was talking about, telling me to go to the last door on the left.

After going there and knocking on the door, the woman answers. It is obvious that she's a prostitute, asking for $50 and insisting that I take my clothes off. Scott corrects her, introducing himself as a detective looking for the Origami Killer. I persist that she would give information, and she basically says that she would be of now help. I then had Scott "trick" her, saying that the killer would strike again unless she gave information. She finally opens up, talking about her child that was murdered as well as the child's father. 

After getting the information, I left my card on her kitchen table and left the room. Suddenly, Scott has an asthma attack, and the game prompts you to get the inhaler. After taking three breaths out of the inhaler, Scott's back to normal. As you recover, you see a man walk into the door that you just came out of. You then hear a scream from the woman. I had Scott walk to the door and give two knocks. The man opens the door saying everything is fine. However, you can see the woman in the corner of the bed looking helpless. I then gave a jerk of my controller, prompting Scott to kick down the door. 

You get into combat, and I have to say, it's really a lot easier than it looks. Everything just seemed to flow into place, although it might just be because of the fact that I've played Indigo Prophecy, a similar game also made by Quantic Dream. Everything is combined in combat mode, from moving the right analog stick to pressing buttons, to moving the controller itself. It might be difficult if you are unfamiliar with this control scheme, but fortunately, there is a difficulty setting at the Options screen. However, I was playing it at the default Hard setting and had no problems.

After Scott taught the man a lesson, he leaves, the woman thanks you, and Scott  stumbles out of the apartment.


Crime Scene -

 You start off this sequence as Norman Jayden. Before getting to control him, he takes some illegal drugs and gets a little bit shaky. After leaving the car, you go directly to the crime scene of a murdered child, first off looking for your boss. He looks like this, although I can't remember his name:

After chatting for a bit with him, I learned that the cause of death was drowning, which is the same as all of the Origami Killer's victims. I also learned that there was not witness nor a determined time of death. What we noticed was the fact that the child was murdered at railroad tracks, which appear to be common in all of the murders.

After getting the chance to control Norman on his own, I started off by going to the railroad tracks. There was plenty of blood and footprints there, leading up a muddy hill. This is where things got a bit hard. I had to press a bunch of buttons at the same time, making Norman climb up this slippery hill. I had him falling at least ten times, but EVENTUALLY he was at the very top of the hill. I had him observe the footprints until it reached tire tracks, which are suggested to be the killer's.

After stumbling back down the hill (I fell down in my attempt), my boss comes up to me, asking me if I'm ready to go. I say no and walk to the actual body. I found that the blood next to the body were the same as the one at the railroad tracks, which may ultimately belong to the killer. I also observe the origami bird in the body's hand. 

After doing all of that, I get back into the car and leave.


Overall, I was extremely satisfied with this demo, although some controls took a while getting used to. Nevertheless though, I'm really looking forward to the final product of this game. It looks like it could be the most interactive experience a game has ever provided.


If you want to play this demo now also, read my instructions in the Heavy Rain thread in the forums.