So, I've been trying to get a friend into playing Kingdom Hearts, and they wanted to know the timeline of the series so they knew what order to play it.

From what I have played and read, this is the timeline of the series (click to enlarge):

Does this timeline seem correct to everyone? 

Even though this seems to be the correct timeline to me, this shouldn't be the order the games should be played, for critical plot points needed for games like "358/2 Days" and "Birth By Sleep" aren't revealed until later games. So, this is the order I would propose playing the series:

- Kingdom Hearts

- Re:Chain of Memories (skip the GBA release)

- Kingdom Hearts II

- Coded 

- 358/2 Days

- Birth By Sleep

I know some aren't released yet, but when they do, this seems to be a good order to play them, in my opinion.

What does everyone else think about this order, or even the timeline? Does it seem correct to everyone that plays the series?


On a side note, I'm really hoping that the new Kingdom Hearts III is announced like GI rumors!