9.5/10 and Favorite single player game

I have to state first of all that BioShock is my favorite game, and comes so close to perfect that I do not know why not to recommend it to everyone. I purchased it right when Infinite came out, and was not sure what to expect, but it has completely blown my mind. The unique gameplay would’ve been enough to satisfy me and put this game on my favorites, but its perplexing story makes it the best game I’ve played.

The wide variety of plasmids (super powers) and gene tonics create for thousands of different combinations that can be suited to your playing style, whether that makes you a hacking expert, a melee machine, a human inferno, or more.  Knowing how to spend your valuable ADAM on them is important, and unfortunately while the preview videos by Ryan Industries are cute, they provide little information that the plasmid’s name doesn’t. Of course the internet is a substitute for this. Regardless, the plasmids and tonic system is amazingly fun to experiment with, as gene banks, where you can change your equipped plasmids and tonics, are conveniently located all over Rapture. The only complaint I have on combat is that it is pointless to have to press B to regenerate health with Med kits instead of them being used automatically. Many times I have died with seven Med kits remaining.

The incinerate plasmid, one of the first you obtain and a powerful weapon in your arsenal. Combined with certain tonics and upgraded, it can become truly devastating.

The weapons all have that old feel to them which I like, and the sounds and controller vibration for them are very good. The different ammo types become essential in fighting different enemies, and the crossbow and the grenade launcher are extremely efficient at setting up traps, though ammunition like heat-seeking RPGs and steel-tip bolts I never used, except on the final boss battle. This is in part because the game is very short, and it ends abruptly with nothing to do after you defeat your final opponent. This disappointed me, as I looked forwards to killing more Big Daddies with different new strategies, harvesting or rescuing Little Sisters, and buying new plasmids and tonics. The final cut scene relates in no part to the previous story and all possible endings abandon Rapture’s story for different outcomes I did not appreciate as much as previous story. In terms of story-wise, the game ends when you kill the first main antagonist. The most important twists are revealed, and the rest are evident as you play through the rather drab final sections of the game. However, the would you kindly moment totally makes up for that. I found myself rooting for the first antagonist you kill, and wishing he had not died.

The game is way too short for my liking, has virtually no soundtrack, and doesn’t even let you continue playing the game once you finish it (you can load a save file before the boss battle, but once you beat it it takes you directly to the main title), which makes me feel that I have been killing Big Daddies and researching splicers for nothing (and in my opinion, there is not enough time to research enough). However, it is a must-play experience that if you have not had the chance to play, buy it now, would you kindly?