So now I've been building my own little Caribbean island for a while, and the game is really starting to open up. Things I used to think of as a challenge such as faction tasks and industry tasks now serve as guidelines to keep me on track and help me build a stronger export income. Environmentalists are still a pain in the neck with their nonstop complaining, but at least most of them have left my island. My economy has tripled since I had to build a weapons factory to export 1000 weapons to “Sheik Sallim”, the leader of the Middle East. I used to import Iron for a very little price, now weapons are made out of Iron and sold at very high prices.

                It may sound like the game is simply getting easier, but that’s not the case at all. Productivity is hard to maintain with the need of so much food for the citizens, especially after issuing the “Food for the People” edict. Edicts are modifiers that cost a certain amount of money and are divided into six divisions: Defense, Economy & Tourism, Education, General, Foreign Affairs and Interior. Each can help out in different situations, but you’ll have to pay an immediate price and sometimes a monthly or yearly fee.

                The game is not only revealing its depth, but also the sights that can be seen looking at my little island from above are astounding. Tropico 4 has the most detailed graphics in any strategy game I’ve ever seen, which is impressive taking into consideration that most of the time you are looking down from thousands of feet high. The sharp, detailed graphics just add to the entire experience as Tropico 4 continues to impress me.