The Dragon Falls.

I loved playing the original Operation Flashpoint. So when I found out about Dragon Rising coming out, I was pumped up. Codemasters did an amazing job on the original OPF so this one should be too. It came out and I drove down to blockbuster and rented the game. Found out they now charge 99 cents for everyday your late turning it in. Total BS. Got home and played the game. I was let down. It was a huge disappointment.

Now before I tell you why, let me say a few things that might have influenced me. When I played the original Operation Flashpoint: GOTY, I was on the PC. When you play on the PC, the mouse helps you to have pen-point accuracy when it comes to shooting unlike using a console controller. Also I have a very old TV. Which reminds me that I need to go get some gasoline to refuel it. This made it extremely hard because In any realistic war game, you are going to be shooting 98% of the time from a distance greater than 50 meters. From my view, I had trouble determining what was a tree or a building so you could imagine the difficulty in finding someone to shoot at.

The movement in the game was pretty bad. Looking at other soldiers run around is almost a joke. Its like they have all have a scoliosis brace on when they are in the middle of combat. When I was running my steps didn't seem to match my speed either. I think Call of Duty: 4 has set the standard on how movement should look like. The physics in that game are phenomenal. If a game could import the physics of Call of Duty: 4 and the realism of Operation Flashpoint, you would have a top seller on your hands no doubt in my mind.

Overall, Codemasters could have done better. They had an amazing plot to start of the campaign which when I started, I was immediately drawn into. Then everything after that just seemed to go down hill. Now, the experience may be totally different for someone with a nice 46" LCD TV that doesn't require gasoline. I think if this game were to come out 5 years ago, I would be writing about how great it is. Its just that now with games like Modern Warfare 2 coming out, there's not much room for games like this highly anticipated release.