User Review Herding is back. Sorry guys, I had an education conference last week in New Mexico so I had to skip out on User Review Herding. On the up side, I was busy talking up the advantages of video games in the high school and college classrooms, so I hope you can forgive me. Anyway, User Review Herding is back and I'm trying some new stuff. For instance, a new day which might get more people to see the great reviews being herded. Also, instead of my own little description of each review, now you can read a small excerpt from the review itself. I'm seeing if this is more appealing so be sure to tell me what you guys think.

Past all the technical stuff, this has been a great week for reviews. Seems things are picking back up with this week producing the most reviews written in the user review section. Not quite the most reviews herded, but still quite a few great ones to read. Hope you guys enjoy.


User Review Herding Stats
Period Reviewed: February 8 – February 14
Total Reviews Written: 71
Number of User Reviews Herded: 11


User Review


Gotham City Impostors


Gotham City Impostors Review
“From the onset Gotham City Impostors doesn’t seem like much but as the player delves further into the game and looks into the mechanics and choices they can make a not so surprising game begins to show its colors.” – DeepBlueMyst


Video Review: Gotham City Imposters
While there’s no written review for me to take an excerpt from, Cody Gilley does more than enough with this great video review of Gotham City Imposters. I had hoped we see some more innovative video reviews from the community. Looks like I got my wish.


Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning


KoA:R Review
“Introducing fast gameplay and streamlined environments, Big Huge Games crafted a nicely paced, not overly articulated RPG.” – Echelon XII


Reckoning Review
“Intense, fluid combat and large scale RPGs always seemed mutually exclusive, but 'Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning' successfully bridges this gap. While sticking closely to typical RPG conventions, Reckoning's dynamic action sets it apart from other role-playing games.” – Adam Robert Paris


Batman: Arkham City


Good Thing No One Knows Where I Live
“Its certainly the best looking game I've seen on a console, and the unique atmosphere is unparalleled. But, perhaps since I am not a Batman guy, or even a comic book guy, this game did not hit all the G spots for me that it did for so many others.” – AndyDwyer


Dark Souls


Dark Souls to me
“Never before Mirrors Edge's speed runs have I played a game that required such precise timing and perfection. Dark Souls is a relentlessly difficult game and the player will be fully aware of this within the first 15 minutes of playtime, they will fail and die, a lot, over and over again.” – Adym


Final Fantasy XIII-2


One More Time
“XIII-2 does address many issues with the previous installment, but takes one step forward and two steps back.” – Craigaleg


The Darkness II


Gory Spectacle Ends Before It Truly Begins
“Due to the lack of polish, you're left feeling as though something is inherently wrong with this game, in spite of all the positives you can point out. Relatively interesting ideas are either subdued entirely or cut short, while some aspects are echoed ad nauseum to the point of nearly provoking the opposite of the intended emotion.” – Orochi Assassin LEVON


Postal III


Duke Nukem Forever’s Aborted Son
“Simply put, Postal III is an injustice to game design and most importantly an injustice to loyal fans of the franchise.” – Alex Martinet


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


JakandRatchet79’s The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Review
“It's every RPG lover's dream: huge, beautiful, interesting world; tons of great quests, good combat, and fun leveling.” – Dusk Dash (JakandRatchet79)


Soul Calibur V


A Fun Fighter That Lacks Content
“While fighting fans who try to get the most out of each character will certainly get their money’s worth, I believe the more casual gamers will feel slightly ripped-off. Unless you try to do everything in the game, there’s no use in even buying it at full price.” - Mray901


Hope you enjoyed these great reviews. Be sure to check back next Saturday for the next installment of User Review Herding. Also, remember to send me your feedback and/or any user review recommendations to my profile. You can also find me on Twitter if you desire. Catch you guys later.