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The Elder Scrolls 6: What I Want

Bethesda's latest entry into the Elder Scrolls universe has been out for a little over a week now. Like most, I've fallen head over heels in love with this game; the adventure, the story, the shouts, the combat, and most of all, the leveling system. However, like most, I have also been extremely frustrated with the many glitches that plague this great game <see all my thought in my review>. Needless to say, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is far from perfect. Could it be perfect? Probably not. No game can in my opinion. Can it be a little closer? Absolutely, and here are a few of my thoughts on how it could take those few extra steps closer to perfection. Keep in mind that these are not suggestions on the glitches, since those are unintentional. These are suggestions to Bethesda on gameplay decisions that may help to add that little extra bit of fun to an already great game.


Mountains...I want to climb them...

Give Me a Climbing Animation

If you've played Skyrim for at least an hour, then you've probably had to traverse a mountain or twelve. If you've played any of the Elder Scrolls titles, then you know that there is no climbing animation to speak of. What happens when having to get to the top of a tall piece of landscape is you run your character at a mountain while jumping repeatedly, hoping to catch some geometry that you can run up. If you do this in third-person, then you will notice that you are essentially running awkwardly into the side of a mountain and it looks ridiculous. In games where mountains have been and will probably continue to play a major part of the landscape, it would make since for Bethesda to put in some kind of animation that shows our character climbing ascendable areas of the terrain. Not only would this help the look and feel of the game, it also might help make the landscape less of an annoyance to navigate. This could also be helped in other ways like...


Bring Back Acrobatics and Athletics

Not really...well not exactly. Here's what I mean: In Oblivion (and Morrowind) your character would, over time, run much faster and jump much higher when their Acrobatics and Athletics skills increased. I don't think I'm the only one who thought that was a very satisfying feeling to have all of your time and effort rewarded by being able to jump up onto a rooftop or run through the environment at high speeds. Now I know these aren't the most practical to have as individual skills, but what if they were combined into one and simply named Athletics (jumping and acrobatics are, after all, athletic feats). With the addition of perks, these abilities would have been all the sweeter to use (and more sensible given the correct perks). Obviously we don't want the player to have to jump everywhere to level this up (running would be fine, though, since you do enough of it already). However, this would be a great skill to have perks like "20/40/60/80% less fall damage," "character runs/jumps 20/40/60/80% faster/higher," etc. Hell, Bethesda could even incorporate a dodge roll into the perks...hey, wait a second...


How About a Dodge Ability

I realize you can block (most of the time, but that's for later), but real warriors also could utilize a good dodge here and there, especially if you were a smaller, more agile fighter who might not have been able to block a larger opponent effectively. If a player was able to jump back, to the side, roll out of the way, etc., it would add a whole other dimension to how one approaches combat. Perhaps, instead of blocking a power hit, we dodge and attack the now wide open enemy. This could be added in as a perk for Athletics/Acrobatics. Perhaps jumping back or to the side is already available, but you can unlock a dodge roll, further jumps, or for the more agile characters, unlock backflips or sideflips to really make you feel like that assassin or thief you created. Maybe you there's a perk that lets you do an attack directly after a dodge for extra damage (kind of like Demon/Dark Souls). Dodging could be one of the things you carry out in order to level up Athletics. This would be especially effective for those who can't block anything at all, which brings be to...


Let the Dual Wielders Block

So if you have one sword, then you can block. So if I have two swords...then I can...not block? Really? I think blocking is essential when it comes to combat. If you are a stealthy fighter who dual wields weapons for that extra speed, then blocking becomes your life line (along with dodging). You obviously can't charge straight in or your opponents will rip right through your paper thin armor like nothing (Dragon Armor notwithstanding). I think a block for people with two weapons would not only be practical, but would be a breath of fresh air after Skyrim. Just because we want to have two swords (axes, maces, whatever) doesn't mean we should be penalized. Speaking of two swords...


Where's my other sword? In that satchel?

Make it Look Like I'm Carrying Two Weapons

Why, if I'm dual wielding swords, do I just have one sword on my belt, and why, when I draw my weapons, does it look like I pulled that other sword out of thin air? These are very reasonable question, right? All I ask is that if I choose to wield two weapons, then let my character appear to be carrying two weapons. Put one on his back, his other hip, hell let him carry it in his other hand all the time. Just show me that it's there. I chose two weapons for a reason. Again, don't penalize me for it. Don't penalize me for any way I choose to fight, like...

Unarmed Combat, Please

In previous Elder Scrolls games Unarmed combat wasn't the greatest or most polished form of fighting, but that's what sequels are for; making things better. Instead, Bethesda got rid of any reason to go unarmed in Skyrim. Kajit's have claws for more powerful unarmed attacks, and there are sections where you have to "brawl" with an opponent, which is a fist fight between the two of you. However, Bethesda removed Unarmed as a skill, so with no skill tree or perks, unarmed combat seems mostly like a waste of time. Why not give it a skill tree that lets you not only unlock more powerful attacks but a variety of power attacks to learn, ranging from spinning back fists to special kicks if you level up high enough. Bethesda could even have perks that unlock the ability to deliver a flurry of attacks quickly as a power attack, using up more stamina. Combine this with the athletics suggestion above, and you could create one very cool unarmed ninja.

There you have it folks. I know these aren't big issues, but they stuck out with me as something that could have been better. Obviously there are other things to address, and obviously the game is great without these little extras I've mentions, but we should always be looking for how it can be better, as well as appreciating how great it is right now, which I do. What do you think of my picks? Have any ideas of your own? Sound off in the comments and let me hear what you have to say.