Who would have thought that a virtual world where you play with legos and build whatever the hell you want would be such a huge hit (duh!).  Creator Markus Persson had a showed that complete freedom is the way to go when he developed the independent hit Minecraft and released it to the public.  This game allows you to traverse a world made entirely of different kinds of blocks and it gives you total freedom to take these blocks and build whatever it is you can think off.  All it takes is a little patience and a *** ton of building blocks.  Here are some really awesome things I've come across that people have created in the world of Minecraft.  Lets take a look, shall we?  And thanks in advance to all the users who crated these and posted them on youtube.




Big Water Slide

Everybody likes water slides right?  Of course.  So it was only logical for someone to make a REALLY REALLY BIG ONE in Minecraft.  This shows that just because you're constructing greatness, that doesn't mean you can't throw a little extreme amusement park rides from hell in their. 





The Earth Itself

You thought buildings and fortresses were time consuming to build?  Try constructing the Earth.  Now there's a task for you.  What is really impressive about this one is the level of detail you can see on it.  Most of the landmasses look pretty accurate to when you used to look at that big globe in your history class.  A lot of time went into making this godly creation.  If only you had a spaceship to traverse to other...oh...




The Starship Enterprise...to Scale

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Star Trek nerd?  Probably.  Total genius?  Totally.  This my uneducated in space travel friends is the Starship Enterprise from the Star Trek series.  What really blows my mind on this one though it not the shear size of it when seen from the outside, but the fact that it is build to scale from inside and out.  Talk about dedication.  Some people may make fun of you for your genius my friend but I salute you and this masterpiece.

Don't worry friends, not all these cool creations are up in the air.  Here is a look at a few grounded ones that are very impressive.




Notre Dame

Notre Dame?  Hunchback guy?  Wussied up disneyfied version?  There you go.  This is pretty common in Minecraft; the construction of famous real world architecture.  I've come across several pieces over the internet and this one stood out in my mind the most.  The detail from inside and out is breathtaking, even from a lego looking standpoint.  Now they just need to hire a dude to run around upstairs and talk to the gargoyles.  This is definitely one of the more deep creations I've seen.  Speaking of deep...





Really Big Hole

...yeah.  You almost want to be unimpressed by what seems like nothing more than a big hole in the ground.  I mean seriously, who just digs a big hole.  But then you really get a good look inside.  Wow, this looks a lot like a real mine <insert horrible minecraft joke>.  It may seem like just a big hole, but the detail on the inside shows just as much dedication as the above ground creations we've seen thus far.  Plus, who wouldn't push one of the other players in who just came to see what was up.





Barrage of Fire Arrows

Tell me you wouldn't want this outside your giant fortress, laughing at the burning horde of zombies unlucky enough to storm your castle this night.  This is probably the best weapon in the Minecraft universe so far (until next month when someone finds out how to build a giant laser that shoots kamehameha waves and Ryu Hayabusa's out of it).  Some people build for art, and some build for the shear pleasure of letting everyone else know, "I can kill you if I wanted to."  Of course, there are other reasons to build.





Rapture from Bioshock

This person build this to leave you in awe.  The same awe that you felt when you entered Rapture for the first time in Bioshock.  You almost feel the same excitement as you float down the underground river and enter into the enormous cavern that is Rapture.  This is one of the most detailed reconstructions of a video game world I've seen...other than this final one.





A Link to the Past

What you see is a complete to scale replica of the world from a Link to the Past.  Everything from Link's cabin, to the courtyards of Hyrule, to the fiery summit of Death Mountain is here.  This level of patience, detail, and loyalty to the game can only be summed up with one word: Awesome.  The creator also says that has Minecraft evolves, they will add all the dungeons and caves until the world in truly a full recreation of the world of a Link to the Past.  For now though, I think it looks pretty cool as is.

So what are your thoughts on this list?  Have you got any better ones that you have seen, or have you created something truly monumental?  Lets see your thoughts and opinions in the comments.