We've all had those boss battles that have stuck out in our mind long after the final blow has been struck. You know, the ones that have us breathing very heavy after you see the enemy fall because you were holding your breath the whole fight. Those battles that had you muttering profanity and sounds that mean nothing at all while moving the controller all over the place because you think it will help. Well here's a list of the most epic and angering boss battles I've ever encountered.

Phantom Ganon of the Forest Temple (Ocarina of Time)

It's not even Ganon. It's some wannabe Ganon...phantom...thing. From his hiding in the paintings and faking you out with his clones to the sadistic game of evil energy ball ping-pong you have to play, this boss annoys the crap out of you and keeps you glued to the screen. After he starts shooting energy balls at you, it comes down to timing your hits just right so that a) you don't get hit with one, and b) he doesn't hit it back since it can get pretty fast if the game continues for very long. The fact that he doesn't stay down for more than a single hit most of the time after taking his own attack to the head does little to help the frustration.

Smithy (Super Mario RPG)

This game definitely ranks in my top ten list of greatest games ever, so it seems fitting that the final boss would make this list. Smithy is not so much powerful (though his area attacks can take a pretty good chunk of your life away) as he is resilient and resourceful. If you don't take out the monster making machine, then Smithy keeps pounding out shy guy pogo stick dudes to make your life miserable. After the FIRST HALF of the fight, he transforms into this thing that can morph and generate new attacks, all of which take away a lot of life or just make it a hard fight. His large amount of health makes it to where you will definitely experience all of this and more.

Sephiroth (Kingdom Hearts I)

Don't act surprised, you knew he'd be up here at least once. Sephiroth is probably one of the most well known bosses in video games, particularly due to his difficulty in every incarnation. Kingdom Hearts took this and upped his bad-ass dosage to higher levels and beat us to death with it. This epic showdown is particularly hard if you are not a high level and the master of all your techniques. With his big *** sword that gives him unbelievable reach, his unfair speed, and his magic blue mines and meteor attack, you can be sure you will be using Curaga every five seconds.

All Colossi (Shadow of the Colossus)

Yes, there are some colossi in Shadow of the Colossus that over shadow...(***, I said I wouldn't use stupid puns)...others, but overall, each colossi is epic and frustrating in its own unique way. Whether they're taking you into the air and dropping you hundreds of feet, smashing you with their hands or feet, or just not standing still long enough to f***ing stab them in the glowing sigil, each one kicks your butt and makes you like it. Don't even get me started on the ones that can shoot lasers.

Lt. Surge (Pokemon Stadium I)

I know you guys are thinking this is an odd entry, but if you played Pokemon Stadium (you did too), remember back to the gym leaders. Remember Lt. Surge? Of course you do. He's the one who has the Raichu who knows surf, so all your rock and ground pokemon that make up most of your team die off within minutes. This was quite an unexpected (and a little ***) move on the creators' part. The rest of the gym leaders were a breeze if you ever got past this one with his freak of nature pokemon (I know, seems redundant, huh?).

Ice Titan (Kingdom Hearts I)

Kingdom Hearts is back. You know, you gotta give Square props for trying to make your life a living Hell while flashing Disney in your face all the time. The Ice Titan had the potential (that it almost always lived up to) to become a frustrating fight to no end. It starts out easy...er...kind of easy enough with just deflecting his icicles. But as you wail on him with your keyblade, he starts to get creative. As he throws ice sickles, he also shoot up ice spikes from the ground. As time goes on, you then have ice falling on your head as well, so you constantly have to keep moving. These attacks take off a good amount of health so all it takes is a few slip ups to have to try again.

Culex (Super Mario RPG)

Culex is one of those bosses, well like Sephiroth in Kingdom Heats, that you don't have to fight, but you just really really want to see how tough he is. Turns out, it isn't just Culex that's tough, it's the four crystals that fight with him that each have a special attack. That's right, Culex gets to attack FIVE times a turn. He's powerful too, so good luck going straight in and getting the win. He even has the audacity to resurrect any crystals you destroy after a few turns.

Ruby and Emerald Weapon (Final Fantasy VII)

Again, don't have to fight them. It's like the presents up in your parents' closet before they wrap them: you know you're gonna get your ass whipped, but you just gotta try. If you don't have the right strategy for each of this behemoths, then you are in for possibly the quickest fight ever. Their attacks are super strong, sometimes one hit kills, and they have ridiculous amount of health. With the right strategy, they become much easier, but I had no internet or money for a strategy guide soooo...yeah...

Azazel (Tekken 6)

Fighting games are already extremely unfair when it comes to final battles. It's like the computer suddenly can predict your movements and just wants you to know that you are now its b*tch. Azazel takes this to the next level. Not only does he take up most of the screen and have extreme reach, but his moves are devastating and he has this ability to pull pillars up from the ground that will hit you nearly every time. Truly after defeating him, you feel like you are the King of Iron Fist!

Lady Yunalesca (Final Fantasy X)

This b*tch has to be the toughest opponent in FFX. She starts out in normal form, casting stupid status effects like sleep and silence, and absorbing your life on top of that. After you've done enough damage (a LOT) to her, she transforms. She gets a bigger cloak and some tentacles...and gets a heck of a lot more powerful. Her attacks hit harder and she has more health. But don't worry, if you are loving this fight, then you will love this: she transforms once more after taking enough damage. She becomes one big Medusa head snake thingy with ultra hurtful attacks and a sh** load of health. Thank you Square, your super powered, multi-form bosses never get old...or easy.

Sephiroth (Kingdom Hearts II)

That's right. He's back and he's tougher and meaner than ever. He has most of his old attacks, but spends a lot of his time in the air this time around. He's faster, much stronger, and I swear he has a long reach. Some of his attacks are nearly instant kills and if you aren't constantly on your toes, well I think you can remember what happened last time. This Sephiroth was the grand daddy of all boss fights in my opinion, the funnest, hardest, and most frustrating.

Got any awesome boss battle stories? Any I missed? Let me know what you guys think.