The protagonist of the Hitman video games is one of the most myterious and enigmatic main characters in gaming today. Distingushed by his bald head, barcode tattoo on the back of his head, black designer suit, pale complexion, cold demeanor and always carrying his trusty fiber wire and a pair of custom AMT Hardballers dubbed silverballers in the games. 47 is an imposing figure that strikes fear into the people in his prescence.

47 is a clone made from the DNA of four notorious worldwide criminals and from the scientist who directed the experiment, Dr. Ort-Meyer in an attempt to manufacture the perfect soldier. Genetically developed to be at the peak of human conditioning 47 also had weapons and combat training throught his life starting since he was but a child, 47 displays excellent aptitude in order to carry out his assingment.

Throught the series 47 has had a subtle but evident change in his personality. When he was a child, even though he was made to be a heartless killing machine he befriended a rabbit much to the displeasure of Dr. Ort-Meyer. The Dr. had a falling out with the other members of the project and arranged for 47 to escape in order to have him assassinate them. After completing his contracts 47 went after his "father" and antagonist Dr. Ort-Meyer himself. He found him in a secret lab under an asylum protected by a small army of clones, 47 killed the all and finally broke the neck of Ort-Meyer leaving behind any trace of him or the experiments.

On Hitman 2: Silent Assassin 47 shows remorse for what he's done and feels out of place in the world. Now living in a catholic church on Sicily 47 seeks guidance and atonement for his sins under the tutelage of friend and pastor Father Vittorio. After the father is kidnapped 47 is forced to return to his old ways in order to be able to find him. When the game end 47 has rescued Father Vittorio and he gives him a crucifix to keep as a simbol of the good in men, something the father sees in 47. However 47 leaves the crucifix behind deciding that there is no good in men and that he must seek peace within himself and choose his own path.

During the events of Hitman: Contracts, 47 was shot while leaving the scene of a job. He arrives at his hideout, bleeding out and starts hallucinating going back and forth between reality and his memories of various contracts previously carried out. He recovers just as the police are surrounding the building he is in. During this, 47 has an interesting monolouge about how "there's a bullet for everyone" and even if he dies he has to kill whoever knows his identity. Aftewards he flees to the airport where he is informed as to what happened that got him shot and how deep the conspiracy goes.

On Hitman: Blood Money the ICA the company 47 works for is under a severe treath by a rival company labeled "The Franchise" who has ties to powerful people in the US goverment and is looking to replicate the success of the Ort-Meyer cloning program, but in order to achieve that they need a bone marrow sample fro 47. After the ICA goes under, 47 assassinates the vice-president of the United States who was recently planted there by The Franchise and also kills the hitman they sent to murder the current president. He is seemingly betrayed and piosoned by his handler Diana and delivered to the Franchise to which she has defected. During 47's funeral Diana places his guns on his chest, applies an antidote to revive him from his chemically induced "death" and locks the gates of the premises so no one can escape. 47 wearing a white suit instead of his trademark black murders everyone present on the ceremony and lays low afterward.

Altough little is known at this point about the forthcoming Hitman: Absolution it seem IO Interactive is putting an emphasis on the story this time around and that 47 will be a central focus of the game.

Did You Know?

Agent 47 was desinged to look like David Bateson, the man who voiced him all the way up to blood money.

47's barcode tattoo's numbers are 640509-040147. His date of "birth" and his series, class and production number.

He made a cameo appearance on posters in Freedom Fighters, an IO developed game.

He often uses the name Tobias Rieper; a play on the words Grim Reaper common name for "death".

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