There are many types of gamers but a couple of quirks are common amongst people who clasify themselves as gamers. From casual to hardcore to retired gamers some people have done some of the following things (some are a little embarassing). The ones I've personally done will be marked with a *.

You know you're a gamer when...

  • When you hear the phrase "Russian national anthem" you think of the Tetris theme song.*
  • When you go to someone elses home and you notice the have games you have to discretely check out their library.*
  • At one point your ringtone was a game song.*(pao pao island_ Puzzle Bubble)
  • You have a blistered left thumb.*
  • Qualify a microwaveable snack (e.g. Hot pockets) and energy drinks as a full meal.
  • Postpone going to the bathroom for "one more match" but keep doing it over and over.*
  • Believe you have good aim even tough you've never fired a real gun.
  • You know what an ocarina is without ever taking music classes.
  • Believe that if any barrel or crate is shot, it will explode.
  • You know what "new game smell" is like.*
  • Can recite the Konami Code.*
  • Berated an in game character by doing something stupid.*("why would you jump into the lava Link")

Also you notice that the people in this picture are holding different controllers.

Which of the ones mentioned above have you done?

Do you have any other gaming related quirks?

Thanks for reading!

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