Reinvention is necesary for characters to remain relevant and avoid becoming stagnant. Being the main villain in one of the most well known and longest running franchises in gaming Ganondorf has undergone a series of changes to his image and his methods over the series. I'll focus on the human version of the charscter as opposed to the pig/sorcerer version because Ganon was never truly developed in the old school nes/snes games

First mentioned in A Link to the Past Ganondorf Dragmire made his on screen debut in the classic Ocarina of Time. Introduced as the Gerudo Prince of Thieves, Ganondorf pleads allegiance to the king of hyrule in order to later betray him and gain the triforce. His appearance is that of a tall muscular man with light leather armor and short red hair. Some of his constant features are his dark skin, red hair, imposing stature, yellow eyes and that he posesses the triforce of power.


After Link's seven year slumber, Gannondorf now tyranic ruler of hyrule is found on his chamber now rocking an awe inspiring mullet and a long red cape. Ganondorf now labeled as the Great King of Evil shows not only dexterity playing the organ but also that he's become a powerful sorcerer. Upon defeat Ganon swears revenge on Link and Zelda cursing their descendants as he is being sealed away in the sacred realm by the gods.

Prior to the Wind Waker Ganondorf escapes his imprisonment and attacks Hyrule causing the gods to flood Hyrule in order to now lock him away under the great sea. Ganon returns later now sporting a full beard and a long robe. This depiction of Ganon Is by far the most emotive explaining why he despises hylians so much. Craving the breezy wind of hyrule in contrast to the hot during daytime and freezing nightime desert wind. After manipulating Link to pull the weakened Master Sword from its pedestal in order to break the final seal of his curse Ganon unites the pieces of the triforce in order to be granted his wish. After engaging both Link and Zelda in battle dual weilding swords, ultmately he is defeated when Link drives the Master Sword into his forehead turning him to stone.

Twilight Princess is aestetically the darkest Zelda yet and the depiction of Ganondorf is the most sinister and ruthless so far presented. After being sentenced to execution Ganon uses his power to become immortal by normal means. This forces the sages to banish him to the twilight realm. When Ganon finally escapes the twilight realm now labeled as the Dark Lord his appearance is much more royal than before wearing an elaborate head ornament, metallic armor and wields the Sword of Sages; the very same sword that was once used in an attempt to kill him. After battling Link in a multi tiered battle that includes possesing Zelda, morphing into a beast, horseback riding and finally a one on one confrontation, after Ganon is impailed with the Master Sword he rises to his feet as the Triforce of power leaves him and he seemingly dies standing in the middle of the battlefield.

Widely regarded as one of the greatest villains, Gannondorf's success is partly due to Nintendo's ability to give the character a fresh coat of paint to each reincarnation. He's gone from a thief to a king to even becoming a godlike entity. Ever ambitious and malevolent Gannondorf remains an icon in gaming always leaving gamers wonderin when he will appear next and what new tricks he will have up his sleeve.

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