Settling back into the normal sway of things. There's nothing special about this month's avatars except for the fact that they were lovingly baked by yours truly.




Bioshock Infinite

I don't know very much about Elizabeth or Bioshock Infinite for that matter. Please don't hate me and throw things at me, but I don't much care for the Bioshock series. I bought the first one and I grew quite bored of it and never finished.

It's always a bit tough working on a female character as the avatar base is male. It doesn't have wide hips or... beyewbies. 



Skyward Sword

I flipping love Groose, I tell ya h'wut! I seriously enjoyed this character very much. I was unsure of him at first, but I soon realized the nature of his character and the subtle genius that went into creating him. And what a treat that the game gave me even more reasons to love him, er, the character, as the game progressed. I personally felt the game could have used a whole lot more of him. In fact, more games could use a little more Groose.



Star Trek

Designs of this avatar were influenced by Leonard Nimoy of classic Star Trek and Zachary Quinto's likeness from the recent Star Trek video game.

I just have to say that Star Trek is amazing. I've watched Star Trek Enterprise, the Original Series, the Animated series and I'm now working on the films. I'm on Star Trek V now. Great series about adventure and exploration, science and discovery, human nature and all that jazz.

Jake the Dog

Adventure Time

I honestly don't care for modern cartoons these days which is why I was taken by surprise when I chanced upon catching an episode. Adventure Time has risen fast to be among my most  preferred cartoons, beating out Dexter's Lab and Johnny Bravo. I think the reason I like the show is that it's kind of nostalgic. It reminds me of a lot of classic adventure video games and such. I did a Finn avatar awhile back, but  it's not particularly good. You may be able to find it among my previous avatar sets in my blogs.

As you can see , this avatar breaks the mold that I usually use. Not all characters are realistically humanoid so sometimes I have to get real creative or create a body from scratch.



The World Ends With You

Another thing I'm not too fond of is really Japanese things. I don't really care for anime or anything like that, which is why I was surprised I like this game so much. It has a very interesting and addictive game play mechanic along with a surprising soundtrack. This game has a lot of style and it has a lot of substance to back it up.



Oddworld series

The only thing I know about Abe and the Oddworld series is the bizarre commercials I saw on TV as a young feller. This character has been one of those requested a long time ago. I don't remember who did ask for this, but here you go, friend. Sorry for the delay.


male player character

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Another one of those characters that aren't quite humanoid or hold to normal proportions. I decided to try to make him work and I think I did okay, but you probably wouldn't know who it was if I hadn't told you...


Bilbo Baggins

The Hobbit

This design is based partially of the recent  Unexpected Journey film of 2012 and my imagination based off the books. The Hobbit is a very popular and legendary book and not only that, it's a nice read too.


Chase McCain

Lego City: Undercover

I recently finished my main playthrough of Undercover and I have to say it was quite a fun game. I would best describe it as a Grand Theft Auto that's actually fun to play. I do recommend this game if you have a Wii U as it is quite a treasure.



Crysis 2

I recently played the first Crysis courtesy of Jolt the Cynic. I enjoyed it very much and I plan to play Crysis 2 as soon as I can.



Here are two extra versions of some of the above avatars

Human Shaped Jake

For those who do not know Jake the Dog can change shapes and stretch fairly well for a dog. So I did one shaped like the base avatar.


Low ribs Alcatraz

This version of Alcatraz has a lower rib bottom to show off that plate or whatever it is. It's supposed to be at the bottom of his pecks, but you couldn't see it behind the controller.

Animal Crossing guy without a hat


That's it for this month. I hope you enjoyed these. Feel free to use them too.

Also, I would like to give a heads up and let you handsome people know that I'll be taking avatar requests for Extra Life donations again this year.