Extra Life Heroes 

On October 20, 2012 a brave group of valiant warriors lead a heroic twenty-four hour battle to save the children.

Okay, it probably wasn't that epic, but it was still cool and we really did help a lot of kids with our work. At the time of this writing, TEAM GIO raised $10,826.03 and ranked at 16 out of 2,372 of the total teams. WOW. Needless to say we slew some pretty big giants.

Anyways, a way that I decided to contribute was by taking requests for some Custom GI Avatars for donations. I was hoping it would rake in a few dollars, but you guys really pulled through. You guys helped me personally raise $141. Thanks.

So here are the requests made by some of our own heroes.


Sam Fisher

Splinter Cell series

I've actually wanted to do this fellow for the longest time, because his night-vision goggles are just so iconic, but I finally found sneaking around in the shadows.


Here's Sam with the goggles up.

Here he is with his mask. you need all the stealth help you can get when you have three big lights on your face that make a very distinctively loud noise.

Here he is again hiding in the shadows.(I think that's him)



Half-Life 2

It's been a while since I played the Half-Life 2 episode whatever, but I think these guys were a bit annoying.


Thank you, Cru Hunter for your contribution.


Na'Vi character


It's an Avatar avatar! Avatarception!



Avatar: The Last Air Bender

I never seen the show so I'm wondering what all the arrows are pointing at...


Thank you, Mojomonkey12 for you contribution.



Borderlands 2

I don't know much about this character except it is impossible to find a picture of him projecting "WTF" on the Internet.

Here's Zero projecting a zero


Thank you, Noobtunin8er for your contribution.



Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

I haven't played Skyrim yet. I've been holding out for a reason I have long since abandoned.

This is either a dead cat or Zombie J'zargo. Same thing, I guess, except a zombie cat is somehow cooler than a regular dead cat.


Thank you, SorryJzargo for your contribution.



shaky video footage

You know what they say about Big Foot.


Thank you, DJH, for your contribution.


Again I would like to thank all those that were involved here and all the members of TEAM GIO. You guys are awesome!

(there's nothing on page 2 except the original proposal and instructions)