I was on Boracay Island enjoying my retirement and just when I thought I was out, you crazy people pulled me back in. 

For some reason I decided to take a break from the avatars one month. Then the next I was just too busy. One thing leads to another and I haven't posted any avatars in half a year. 

For those of you have joined GameInformer since that time and are new here, I make these little avatars based on the original default avatar that the site used when it first got it's major reboot. I pretty much just draw over the original image. I post ten at a time.

I can't give credit to the person who made the original avatar because I don't know who that person is. I just hope that they don't try to kill me.


Custom GI Avatars: September 2012



Marvel Comics

I want to say something witty and cool to do good by the Merc with a Mouth, but I just can't think of anything. So the following blank space is reserved for you to use your imagination to say something cool in Deadpool's voice.


HAHA! Classic Deadpool...


Dark Pit

Kid Icarus: Uprising

Everybody needs a dark/evil/shadow version of themselves.



Mario Series

Knock knock!

Who's there?




DC Comics

This is He Who Devours Your Entrails and Thoroughly Enjoys It. He loves general violence such as shooting, stabbing, punching, kicking, being intoxicated and long walks in the park.

Lobo is my personal favorite comic book  villain/anti-hero. I hope that one day you will learn to love and accept him too.


Yellow Pikmin

Pikmin series

We all just recently learned at this last E3 that Pikmin are, in fact, real. You just haven't noticed them because they are all hiding in your suit pocket.




I'm not familiar with this character at all. He was a request. Working on a character you don't know is an interesting task. After I'm finished I feel I know them some how. I take requests, by the way.




I have personally never played Minecraft for the same reason I never attempted to play World of Warcraft. I'm afraid I might like it and it will devour too much of my time.



the Legend of Zelda series

Yep. Tingle. He's a character, that one.


PaRappa the Rapper

The beat on the street is that this playa is a playable character in the upcoming game, Playstation Allstars.


green Cyanide & Happiness dude

Cyanide & Happiness

From one of my favorite Internet comics. 



Those were my ten avatars for this month, but WAIT! THERE"S MORE!

Here's a little something extra to make up for time loss. One bonus avatar for each month I missed.


This is the original GameInformer avatar Minecraftified. I think that is a word.


This is a more complete version of the Minecraft Steve avatar.

I went ahead and made the legs too because it was really easy to do.


This Lobo sports a smile.


This is Pit with wings. I made a Pit before, but he didn't have wings.




So there we go.

Until next time!