I'm back, Jack!

You probably didn't nottice, but I didn't post any avatars last month. I decided not to, for it was the month before was the month of my birthday and school had just let out. I usualy work on the avatars the month prior so I can post them close to the first of the month. And now you know! (knowledge is power)

So anywho, here I am on vacation in the blue grass state on the Fourth, writing this blog type post thing cause I love you guys.

C. M. (Famous)  C. M. (inFamous)    C. M. (Famous Lightning)    C. M. (inFamous Lightning)


Four Swords

 G. L. (comic)      J. M.        L. K.

 Y    B. S.

I gotta say, the thing I hate about making theses avatars is anything on their heads such as hair, hats and facial features.

So there you go. I hope you like them and feel free to use them and make requests.