I am going to use this blog to talk about some of the rewards we get on online fps games. I'm not talking about MW2 titles or pins in BFBC2. I'm talking about the satisfaction you get from putting a 5 inch bullet through someones head at 100 yards or the feeling you get when you sneak up behind a sniper and shove a repair tool into his gut. In my opinion these are the two basic types of rewards. The head shot and the melee kill. Lets examine the two.

The head shot

I'll start with the head shot. In real life snipers have to adjust for wind, range and even the rotation of the earth. In games the most we have to do is aim up a little for gravity. But this doesn't make it any less satisfying to blow open someones head(see above picture). I've had the experience of getting head shots through walls, smoke and just plain old regular head shots.But some folks have the skill(or the luck) to kill me by going through somebody Else's head and even sometimes in the seat of my helicopter. These all feel good to pull off but it is not my favorite.

Melee kills

Ah the melee kill... there are several ways to accomplish this; there's the energy sword in Halo, the chainsaw in gears of war and the knife in almost everything else. Then again you could just hop in a tank a roll over your enemies in a couple tons of metal. There's even an achievement in BFBC2 for getting a head shot with a repair tool! That is the best of both worlds I say. Now I have not got said achievement, but I am particularly fond of one type of melee kill; here's the setup. A sniper has been owning your team for most of the match. You see him perched on the top of a tall building, but he fails to notice you. You slowly climb the stairs to his hideout. Then taking your knife you sneak up behind him and stab him in the back. Now if you have done this in a Battlefield game you now have that players dog tags. That has their gamertag engraved on it and is in my opinion the best reward of all time. Congrats you now have bragging rights and the ability to hold that kill over that players head till the end of days.

So what do you think? do you like head shots or melee kills? Or is it something I missed? Come on you have opinions share them!