Despite the release of DOOM and Uncharted 4, the dedicated GIO Smash community found time to lay the smack down on each other in fine fashion.  During the course of the bouts, it's become apparent that this tournament will not be dominated by any one team.  Make no mistake; the Team Champion crown(s) will not be won easily.  Scheduling nightmares abound, of course, and some rounds were unfortunately subject to forfeits.  Still, as good Smash soldiers do, WE PRESS ON.  There are still a few matches left to go in round one, but this train's gotta keep on rolling...

Here are the first round results:

House of Bad vs Cat and Karp Anything Agency


Team Total: 14



Team Total: 6


Though el Gato was unable to secure any victories for Cat and Karp, Mighty Magikarp managed to topple the King once and take all five rounds from Nightcrawler Ash.  Despite what appears to be a one-sided score, Cat and Karp remain a formidable team in the face of two beastly veterans.


Poo Whirl Order vs Nonary Attorneys

Team Total: 9


Team Total: 11

Unfortunately for 'Ol Gorow, his partner was MIA.  With no one to fight for the points, Nonary Attorneys were awarded 6 points by default for the missed matches, while PWO receives 2.  When actually fighting, Gorow demonstrated a newfound power by taking four rounds away from The Darkest Link!  However, not to be outdone, Will Watson secured four victories of his own against Gorow to keep the matchup one point away from dead even.


Blow Hards vs Trav McNasty and the High Five Jam Solution


Shadouo vs Snufflelovagus

Team Total: 11



Team Total: 9

Another impossibly close match-up!  The contest was back and forth, as this group of newcomers battled it out to make a name for themselves.  Per Wolf, the match-up would have been dead even had his pride not cost him a victory against Shascore.  Both these teams look to continue with this strong showing, and we shall see how they fare against some of our more household names.


Round Two

House of Bad vs Shaduo

Blow Hards vs Nonary Attorneys

Poo Whirl Order vs Sufflelovagus

Cat and Karp Anything Agency vs Trav McNasty and the High Five Jam Solution

Let Round Two Commence!