I've noticed a fatal flaw in my last two reviews...they don't touch on the orchestration.  

This. Is. Criminal.

I cannot express in words how foolish I find this oversight.  I have stated several times that the scores in Zelda games have contributed to how much I've enjoyed them.  The score of The Wind Waker is indeed a major factor in why I consider it my favorite entry in the series.  I consider Koji Kondo as important a part of the Zelda process as Miyamoto and Aonuma.

In order to correct this egregious error, I have decided to dedicate a blog entry entirely to the music of The Legend of Zelda.  I will examine what makes Zelda scores unique, some standout entries, and some significant points of impact in popular and local culture.  

This will be an entry I do once I'm finished with the reviews I've already committed to writing.  As such, I will continue to omit any discussion of the music in my future reviews.

That is all. My bad. Keep reading my stuff.