Since Microsoft announced the XBox One people have had a lot of things to be upset about.  In this post today I am going to focus on the one that surprised me the most.  Kinect always being on.  Be aware, I had a smile on my face while writing this.

A lot of people believe they have very legitimate concerns about the government watching us,  using the Kinect to record us and listen to all of our conversations.  With all the wonderful news about the NSA, the fear of this being a reality is becoming more legitimate.  Even after all this news and speculation by the tinfoil hats among us, I am going to explain to you why this does not concern me.  Don't get me wrong, I know the government can eye me up when it likes but I have no delusion that the Kinect will be its main hub of info on me or anybody else.

First off, the things I do that would warrant monitoring.  I am a pretty awesome guy if my mother does say so herself.  I tend to be able to add a witty side to most conversations and can get a laugh even if it is due to immense pity.  I have a lovely girlfriend who lives with me along with 2 cats and a dog at the moment.  Most of my days are spent at work but when I am at home I enjoy watching TV and playing games.  I engage in no illegal activities and surprisingly do not have many conversations about taking over the world.  I am basically the worst reality show anyone would ever watch.  So why tag me?   You could gather up a lot of info about what I like and do not like, though, I do have facebook like most everyone else and there is a feature on there that actually allows you to "like" something, so that covers that.  In fact, anything you want to know about me could probably be grabbed from any of my online profiles.  Heck, ask me and I would let you know!

The view from my laptop webcam as I watch some Clone High.  Amazing cartoon!

Use my Kinect to watch me?  Just my Kinect?  I have had a smart phone for quite awhile now.  Do I really know how to use it, no not really.  I can text and call and if I really need to I can take a picture.  I am also always on my laptop.  I am a 3D artist, how can I not be?  Does this laptop have a camera, of course, how else are my parents going to share news with me while screaming into their microphone because they don't understand that they don't have to scream?  What I am saying is, if you are concerned about the Kinect, look around you.  Your phone, your laptop, your friends phone.  Go outside, traffic cams, security cams other peoples cell phones.  Any illusion of freedom you think you have should stop at you thinking your life is private.  As I write this I am sitting in my living room facing out my wall of windows.  The people across the ally can see what I am up to.  That fat guy always has his shirt off.  He clearly won't be getting the XBox One due to his shy nature.  The only thing you should be concerned about with the Kinect is if anyone will actually make a game worth while for it.

Kinect spying on me as I ask the dog why it has to pee on the floor.

Next up, my right to privacy.  I am not an American.  Their constitution and bill of rights is not memorized and I should say that I intend on reading the third book of the Kilo Five Trilogy for Halo before I plan on browsing those documents.  Thursday War was awesome by the way.  Now, most people are going to rabidly disagree with this but I believe ignorance truly is bliss.  I work at a film company and every one of my moves on the computer is monitored.  There are security cameras all over the building as well.  This is to catch anyone who is stealing film assets from the pipeline or just straight up stealing hardware from the building.  Make no mistake, these cameras are ALWAYS on.  We have security audits, which are always fun, to ensure this.  I am watched and tracked every second of my work day.  This bothers me far more then if it was all kept secret.  If I am being watched in my house right now that is fine because it isn't obvious.  If I don't see video of me washing the dishes on youtube I am fine with someone having the footage.  If someone is watching me while I sleep, just don't wake me up and I am fine with it.

My cell phone checking on me while I "watch" Jack the Giant Slayer.

Last but certainly not least, I have a life to worry about.  I have bills to pay and a home to maintain, family and friends to visit and a world to explore before I die.  I can be outraged at the possibility of the government watching me but my life is far too short to care.  If the government stopped watching me and everybody else this second, I wouldn't get a raise at work, I wouldn't be healthier and I certainly can't get any better looking.  I use sarcasm to hide my insecurities.  Whatever, like you don't!  I play games because I like to experience what a team of imaginations can slam together to entertain me with and if someone wants to watch me doing that, or watching TV, or eating, or engaging in any other activities, they can send me the footage they capture afterwards.  I want the audio as well, might make for a cool podcast if I ever said anything of importance.

I know a lot of people have a real problem with being "spied on" and I can understand that.  Some people want to keep their lives a secret and those people can always "delete" their facebook profiles, throw out their electronics, change their names and never speak to their friends or family ever again.  They can build a lovely shack out in the woods somewhere and eat what they kill.  If this is your plan then the Kinect doesn't concern you and gaming in general doesn't either.  Just a thought though before you head out into the wilderness. If I was the government, I would be much more interested in the individuals who try to keep a lower profile than the ones who just posted an update on facebook about what they just had for dinner.  I get it Danny, your fries were good!  WHO CARES!