Journals are a great aspect in my life and that of many others. There are many historical figures that we've not even heard about if not for their constant journal entries that give us insight to their thoughts, lives, and perspective on their actions. Even some fictional characters have a journal that becomes a part of the overall story. Above here I have pictured a Journal from Nathan Drake from the Uncharted series. He kept his important notes and items in it, along with a few humerous pages. One or two pages were even devoted to regret.

Basically, the challenge I'm suggesting for all of you is to pick a favorite character (fictional for this time) and try and craft a journal entry that they would write. Try and come up with maybe a days event that they would write about, even what a journal entry would look like after an ordeal that occurs within the story. What would Snake write about after the events at the climax in Guns of the Patriots? How many of us would yearn to read the last words of a beloved character after their untimely death?

I ask you all to keep in mind the suspension of disbelief, and try to be creative. Keep it to at least a minimum of 500 words. Personally, I'm excited to see what people may come up with for ideas. Thank you all for reading, and I implore you to participate! There was great reward and self-satisfaction in the past, it can continue to be so.

Good luck! I'll see you all next week!