I decided to wait an extra week for the Writers Guild challenge before announcing the next part mostly due to the lack of participation, and it didn't help. There are three entries. Two are from the same person who created them before WGWC took a break, and the other was done by me. I have a few ideas as to why people have refused the challenge, I think the main point being the lack of focus on one topic, but I digress. The featured blogger happens to be Orochi! Orochi writes under the challenge of Triumph, and explains his bittersweet "victory" over his mental-physical problem of epilepsy. He compares his situation to that of one of his favorite characters, and does an amazing job explaining his reasoning and waxes personal. I'm only posting the first page here (It's 4 pages long) but you can catch the whole thing HERE Also, as a last minute edit. Make sure you add WGWC into the TITLE of your blog so that we can find it easier.


SO, my buddy BHW rebooted the super duper awesome Writer's Guild Weekly Challenge, or WGWC with this nice new assignment, where participants had to blog about "triumph", as in the general sense of success. Of course, me being the complicated writer that I am, I couldn't settle for something simple, like acing God of War III on the highest difficulty or getting published three times. Or, any other miniscule achievement I could brag about while inadvertently making myself look like the *** I tend to be on occasion.

No, those were too easy. Instead, I chose, right before my good friend Drym nabbed the spot first, to talk about a triumph that isn't really a triumph in the conventional sense for me, since I'm a quandary like that. I've been meaning to discuss this for a while actually, so I guess I'd like to thank BHW for providing the incentive for me to do so.

When I first considered tackling the subject, I'd watch as November rolled by each year and do nothing; yet as personal matters affected my ability to socialize with my friends on GIO for a while - hence my hiatus, as mojo can attest - I knew things were only a matter of time, and I've felt the urge to begin the subject slowly approaching up until this very moment.

"Well LEVON, stop procrastinating and get on with it!" Alright, sheesh! (You know you were thinking it) I guess I'll just blurt it out then: *Takes a deep breath, pops knuckles*


That's right; Epilepsy. I'm not sure if you're aware of the neurological disorder, but for a more in-depth look, check here. Otherwise, I'll simplify it: I have seizures. No, not grand mal seizures in particular, though I've had a couple before, one where I broke a Sobe bottle with a single hand and now have shards of glass permanently sealed inside my palm as a reminder; not petit mal seizures, though mine can be similar. Mine are far more complicated: complex partial, or temporal lobe seizures.

For those curious, I do not have photosensitive seizures, which are triggered by flashing lights and other patterns such as strobes. I can let Kanye's "All of the Lights" assault my eyes with waves of colors and flashing neon images without so much as a single aura(those are what some Epileptics experience prior to having a seizure). There are, as I've shown, several types of Epilepsy that manifest. Most important, however, is the question of how my condition relates to the narrative of triumph I'm supposed to be recounting. I can tell you at the very least, that my triumph is something ineffably bittersweet.

Now, if you're done reading that, let's move on.