It was several months ago that BlackHeartedWolf came up with a task, a challenge with the purpose of assisting writers who were eager to increase their skill, and help break any writing barriers. This is a great and needed thing because we all have talents in some area that we may not have discovered, yet we all need that extra push to find out what could be our hidden potential.

To many, this also served a purpose of practice and also as focus, for writers block is not always a lack of ideas, but choosing one of many to put effort in. Part of the apprehension is not knowing if the idea will work to a larger degree, and also not knowing if the audience will appreciate it. The WGWC was a way for us all to band together, and try things as a group of people so that we felt more comfortable doing so. It was for a cause, and we shared in our experience.

The challenge does everything a challenge is meant to, but it’s so much easier to bear, and more fun, when doing it together. Wolf came up with a great program and did good with it. The challenges were thoughtful and provoked one of the works which I believe to be my best so far. It caused me to dig a little deeper into what I perceive of my emotions, and try and write exactly what I feel about the topic. I’m very grateful. I only wish to spread this good work to others. So please, have patience while I try and come up with a plan.

Turning a New Page

I have gathered a few volunteers who will help me sift through all the works that have the WGWC tag to them, and asked if their willing to leave feedback on every single one, and they are. Those that participate and have their name on the sign-up sheet will have one person look and review or simply give a few thoughts on it for them. This may be me, but it could also be another person who I trust, and I would hope, you would too.


We do hope to keep the old system as pure as possible. As what BlackHeartedWolf did, we will feature one stand-out blog, and then list five outstanding blogs that will be featured. I’m also working with several others to create another way besides GIO that the most impressive blogs can become featured. I’ll announce it when it’s ready.


We also hope this will take on a good revival, and that it may serve its purpose, but to do that, I need to know what you think. Please, give me an impression after reading this so that it may improve. Please give suggestions as to what a good challenge would be and other wishes that you may want to see come to pass in this. This is about the writers, and what you feel you need to improve on. It can’t last without constant feedback and volunteers to help.


If you do want to be more active with this challenge to the point of helping us bring it to people on a weekly basis, then it would be best to contact me at my email, and I’ll share with you the details on how you can help.


Now, for the actual challenge, Jolt had this in mind: