I don't think many realize how personal this topic can be. By asking a person why they feel for someone or something, you're surfacing dormant emotions and old memories. A purely analytical mind would deny the idea of the fictional. How can one who exists feel real emotion or connection for the non-existant? The human mind has proven, time and again, that it's not so simple. These “fictional” characters would not exist without a human behind behind them. They are conceived in a thought, given form on paper, and receive breath in visual art. What they need then is a means to travel, and that is through the imagination in all of us where they truly reside. For them to accomplish this last task is to be recognized by these certain aspects, for they then become more “real” to us.

For me to connect with a character, and not just empathize with them, they need to speak to my trials, my situation, and my desires. For me to connect, they must share the same passions or conflicts. A personal connection cannot be achieved by simply empathizing with the problems and emotions of another. We can feel sorry for them, be can feel sad for them ( John Marston) but can you say that you love them as a brother? As one of your own creation? That is rarely possible.

As great as many works of art are in the world, how many can you say truly captures the human soul? How many are independent in thought and action without us needing to project our own emotions to give it life? It's hard to judge in games because character dynamics will always be lost to actual gameplay, even if it's part of the whole experience (Heavy Rain). In life, killing is hard. It damages the soul and can make a person un-caring and lead to some deep psychological problems, yet John Marston kills them by the thousands and Drake by the hundreds without much character draw from the fact.

Looking back, this could add to the credit the Final fantasy series has achieved with it's own storyline, taking the time to draw out emotions and sculpt a character, yet they never seem to get it perfectly right. Closest I have personally seen is many of the characters from the MGS series. I have aging relatives, and seeing the last two scenes of the game seemed to prey on a few of my closer emotions and weaknesses, But there it is again! An illusion of a true connection! The scenes take advantage of my weaknesses and vulnerabilities to create an emotional link, but not a personal one. Yes I cried, yes I was saddened by what was occurring at the time, but how well does the character stand by himself? Itself? Themselves? It is no true connection!

There is one that seems to be a haunting companion that has been looking over my shoulder for quite some time. This apparition has a connection that's conceived into my primordial consciousness that is begging for release, deserving to be formed, and demands the breath of creation.


Adrian, raised an experiment, betrayed by emotion. Runs from a life not wanted and is disgusted by the life-sucking power that has been bestowed to his blood. Terrified as the lack of control over this power. Every use, every try is hammering mortality ever harder into his mind.


Adrian, Raised as a part of a great military might. An individual with talent. Disturbed by training in the field, the mission being mass genocide. Is shot in the chest by the commanding officer for his lack of resolve and is left to die. Waking up in sweat, and blindly running into the darkness...


There is so much still unknown of this man, but I must pen the answers before my own existence comes to a close, for that will also mean the death of this creation. The want for form and breath, hammering in my head like Poe's phantasmal heart, giving more viability to the realization that occurred to me months ago, that took place in the form of a question:


Are artists haunted by their creations?


No, I don't connect with any character, only a handful of ones in life I do. Yes, I project my emotions, my weaknesses onto a fiction in the thralls of my own personal pathos, but who really understands me?


Only one being, for He transcends reality

For the greatest mystery to me, is myself.