When I write, for some reason I love to do top tens, twenties, fifties, and the like. But since I'm saving my GoTY list, I figured I'd do something a little different. Radios: You don't notice them in games, but more than likely you'll hear one in a game at some point. Now, being able to control them is an entirely different thing. So, I decided to list the notable ones. 

GTA's Car Radio

While I've never (nor will ever) play the series, I've heard many things about the radio system in the game. Figured since there aren't many interactive radios in games, I'd list this here... That, and so I don't get any flak from commenters...

InFAMOUS 2's Tvs

(Apparently InFAMOUS 2 tv broadcasts is too specific for Google, so this is all I've got)

Okay, well, these aren't technically radios, but I've always been so fascinated by the live action news casts playing around New Marais. Something about seeing real people inside of a game's TV is just so interesting. It's you, in real life, playing a video game on a tv, watching a tv, being recorded in real life. *Mind explodes* 

BioShock Infinite

Ha! You thought I'd write a blog without BioShock in it? Just wait until my GoTY blo-- Okay, getting ahead of myself. Anyway... You can play the entire game without ever paying attention to the radios, but if you do, there are some familiar sounding lyrics to be found. Songs like "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" from Tears for Fears, and "Fortunate Son" by Creedence Clearwater Revival, all remade to fit the early 1900s style.

Battlefield: Bad Company

Yeah, there's nothing really notable about the radios in the game, but they're fun to mess around on, and I thought they were awesome. Don't judge!

Fallout 3's Pipboy

If my saying the Last of Us is terrible is any indication, SH hates me. But, maybe if I say something good about Fallout, it will cancel the negative out! Anyway, I didn't even know there was a radio for a real long time, but once I figured it out, boy, there was no turning it off. Songs from '50s bands you've never heard of, and rants/propaganda from Three Dog/President Eden, aw, those were the best.

That's it! I know it wasn't very long, but I figured I'd write something, so... :D