Gravity Rush released a little under a year ago, and I loved it. It was also my game of the year. While the game was quite amazing with it's beautiful world, interesting characters, and fun gameplay, there were a number of things I felt were missing. These are a few things I'd hope to see in the semi-official sequel.

First and foremost: Side missions. The original Gravity Rush had three main mission types: Main story, DLC, and challenge modes. While fun, you couldn't replay Story or DLC missions unless you started a new save, decreasing replay value. I'd like to see Elder Scrolls-esque side missions that pepper the already amazing world. For example: say you're flying through the air, either on your way to a story mission, or just exploring, an NPC could cry out for help, and marker would be added to your map. These could be random quests, like saving a civilian from a group of bandits or Nevi, or finding someone or something, and each time it would change as you progressed in the main storyline. So say, something happens in the main plot that changes enemy types, well, now instead of being harassed by an enemy Nevi, the civilian could be being attacked by another person. This would greatly enhance the length of the game, and allow for some extra rewards.

Shops and guilds are a big part of Assassin's Creed. I think different stores and factions could greatly benefit a Gravity Rush sequel. Throughout the original game, you earn a few costumes for Kat. Actually, you only unlock one in the main game, with the other three through DLC. This is an underused feature in many games, and was very underused in this one. To correct this problem, we add stores. Similar to the tailors in Assassin's Creed, you could buy different outfits with gems. They could range anywhere from different colors, designs, or completely different looks. Not everyone wants to pay $4.99 to get a suit you may or may not like, so this alternative would be great.

Combos. This is pretty self explanatory. There are so few attacks in the game as it is, and they don't even stack. What I mean is, say, the ability to combine a gravity kick with a basic attack, or a special while flying. Combat would be much more fun and exciting, allowing for many different possibilities. The closest thing to a combo attack is mashing square, and that doesn't do much. Maybe they could take notes from The Force Unleashed?

Voice acting. I love the comic cutscenes and the written dialogue, but I think real voice acting (not... whatever language you hear them speak) on top of the text would be a nice touch.

A more substantial leveling and upgrade system would be nice. In Gravity Rush, whenever you picked up gems around the world, or completed quests, or aced challenges, they could be used to spend on different upgrades. Most of them were related to increasing/decreasing duration, power, or cooldown time. I think we can do better than that. What about new attacks and combos? What about the ability to shoot those gravity wave things whenever you want? How about more than three special attacks? Things like this would be a much better incentive to using your gems, instead of hoarding them like I did my first playthrough.

Well, that's about it! What would you like to see in a sequel? Thanks for reading!

(Note: I left out the obvious choices like backstory and and the city itself, to avoid spoilers)