Well, welcome to the first episode User Spotlight of 2013! Sorry I was late, well, three months later than I thought I would, but hey! Spotlights are back, and this is a great one. Today we are talking to Warrior, and unlike most of our past interviewees, he has provided us with incredibly deep answers. Anyway, let's begin...

First, let's start with your username; did you have any inspirations for Warrior?

My username came from quite an interesting story... Ever since I was a kid I wanted to be powerful and strong. I didn't want to be weak anymore. I got made fun of a lot in high school. Don't get me wrong, I had friends, but every now and then some bully would attack me emotionally and insult me. It didn't help that I liked anime, or video games. Back in high school, anime and video games were basically a bully's excuse to pick on me... So where does "Warrior" come from? One day, after a really bad verbal beat down by a bully, I decided to find strength. I looked up the word strength, and warrior was right along side it. So I abandoned my real name and decided to call myself "Warrior." It makes me feel better. It doesn't stop me from being insulted, but hey, what can you do? I stopped crying and turned into another person. Being someone else just helps with the pain. :)

Wow, that's so much deeper than anyone I've interviewed. :') So, when did you first join GIO?

I first joined GIO on December 12th, 2011. Ah, that was a very special day. I didn't know what was going on. I picked Warrior as my name, and a Spiderman 3 avatar, which shows off half of Spidey's red and black chest. Which kinda symbolizes who I am. My first GIO friend was a guy named SpideyRyno. Funny, huh? I'll never forget what I said on his page: "Hey! My name is Warrior and I'm new to GIO. You like Spiderman! I do too! Can we be friends, I think we should be friends..." Sadly, we rarely talk. He only said this to me: "Welcome to GIO! I'm not reallu on here that much, but it's whatever. Let's be friends." I nearly cried when he said that.

Do you have any regrets while here on GIO?

My biggest regrets on GIO are when I don't think before I say. I once got banned from GIO, and that tore my heart.

This is really, really deep. You said you like anime? Any specifics?

I really like anime... because it's fantasy. I get to see really cool people fight for what they believe in. I get to see a unique and beautiful world. I love anime, man. It's my favorite way of escaping reality...

That's really nice. Well I suppose it's time we get to the meat of the interview: Games. What are some of your favorite games?

My favorite game of all time has to be Pokemon Platinum for DS! I poured so many hours into that game.  My second favorite has to be LoZ: Twilight Princess.

You mentioned two different games on two different consoles. Which consoles do you currently own? And do you plan to buy anymore current or next gen?

I own all except for the PS3, 360, and WiiU. I never got those because I just play at my friend's places whenever I get the chance. I plan on buying all the next gen consoles and the WiiU eventually. I love gaming, Trench, I really do.

Don't we all? ;) Do you plan to pick up any games that have, or will, release this year?

Pokemon X and Y are still my most anticipated games of the year. Then comes GTAV and Watch Dogs. Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite look amazing too. Games just keep getting better and better. Mankind should be that way.

I suppose so! So, were you surprised with the announcement of the PS4?

The announcement of the PS4 shocked me because of how early I thought it was. But I suppose Sony needs money due to the struggles of the Vita. I hope I didn't tick anyone off, but it's true, in my opinion. Sony is making it's new console sound really epic, and I look forwards to playing it! :)

What do you think Microsoft needs to do to retain it's dominance on the market?

MS needs to have like 30 exclusives at launch of the "720." They need exclusives like people need water. They also gotta work on getting XBL free. If they can't, that's fine, but it's really needed. It should also be very user friendly!

Well, I believe it's time to wrap up. Anyone you want to make a shoutout to before we go?

Shout outs? I don't like playing favorites but I'll say this... I never had a father or a brother. I don't really have a male role model in my family, that's why I appreciate all that guys, especially older guys on GIO. They can give me wisdom, and that's cool. I do like talking to girls too! It's cool because it shows that girls like video games. Heck yeah! If you are a friend of mine, know this: I'm very grateful that you even talk to me... Thanks for listening to me. I am thankful... So thankful. *

Well, thank you for reading, and thank you Morris for participating!