To start off I would like to say that this is my first blog so forgive me if it's not very well written or any good at all. This is a learning process, your criticisms only help if they are specific and truthful... or funny, I'll accept funny comments/criticisms as well.


Look at me, I'm adding pictures!

Anyway, as a writer I feel like I am sub-par at best. At worst, I feel I'm pretty *** awful. When I was still in high school (almost a whole year ago) my english teacher always told me how much he looked forward to reading my papers because they were funny, informative, and always stood out from the rest of the class. However, just because one person says that the sky is purple doesn't mean that the sky is purple. The sky is still blue... unfortunately. I don't proofread my work because I tend to do that along the way. Also, I'm too lazy to go back and read something I've already written if I feel it's good enough. I don't think I'm the worst writer in the world, but I'm certainly not the best. I have a tendency to not take anything seriously and I feel like that reflects itself into my writing. On certain topics that can be a good thing, but on others, like an essay about why music censorship should be illegal, it tends to not work so well, as was reflected in the grade and the frowny face I received. If I recall correctly, I believe I was more affected by the frowny face than the grade.


     I'm a sad panda.

I hope to one day write a series of best selling books which will create enough hype that the video game industry will ask if they can make a game around my books. And I will let them, as long as they take me on as one of the writers and all final decisions around the script are run by me first. No one is going to rape my creation like they raped Indiana Jones in that episode of South Park. I don't think it's too hard to write, anyone can do it. That doesn't mean it'll turn out to be any good, but I personally believe that the common man is too stupid to understand all the little intricacies and metaphors put into a good work of art, I know I am.

To wrap up this sorry excuse for a blog post, I have no idea if i've written 700 words or not because i can't find a tool that counts my words and there is absolutely no way that I'm going to count them all myself. I shall post again on the morrow (next week in this case), until then leave a comment and tell me how I can improve upon my writing skills.

Peace, love, and ganja - Toe

P.S. I'm not affiliated in any way with the guy from deviantart who created the Finn and Jake picture that I use as my hero picture. You may refer to me as Toe.