So I just read the article about Codemaster's new shooter "Bodycount" and I have to say, I am really going to give this one some high hopes. The idea of the environment (and enemies) being fully destructable has been promised in a lot of games. (well, at least the environment). But I have some issues.


First: The sound. If you have fully destructable environments, you need the sound to match. the Bad Company games have done sound incredibly well. When I fire a gun, I like to hear the explosion in the chamber of the gun. I like to hear the echoing "CRACK!" after a while. I like to hear the impact of the bullet against the surface is slams forcefully against, and I like to hear the crumbling of walls, and the falling rubble as a building topples over. If the games truly has FULLY destructable environments, I want the FULL sound effects to match it.


Second: Gun play. I am not talking about Call of Duty's "running through clouds" gun play. nor do I want the "jump around and spray" gun play of Halo. I want some original, fresh, and effective gun play. I want controls that function smoothly, and have no troubles doing simple tasks like reloading, swapping weapons, etc.


Third: Entertainment. I dont want the game to revolve around the destructability. I want the destructability to be just a facet of a great game. I want it to be there, and I want it to be functional and effective, but I dont want missions revolving around "cause this much destruction in this amount of time". that is not fun. fun is "Capture this enemy for interrogation. How? well...that is up to you". I want to be given a goal, and told to accomplish it MY way. whether that is throught tactical espionage, big explosions and destruction, or just run and gunning. I want to feel like the destruction is MY choice, not my obligation.


That is what I got for now. What do you guys think of the new shooter "Bodycount"?