I just read the feed that was posted about the updates to the site, and to say the least, I am pleased.

Why am I pleased you ask? Because those of us that actually try to contribute to the site by commenting (with something that is actually wholesome, or at least relates to the topic at hand), and participating in conversations have been given a nice gift.

GI Mods can now "Bozo" a posters comment so that the rest of us dont have to see it. This is a nice addition because hopefully, I wont have to see useless comments that say "FIRST" (or any following numbers), or stuff like "I might get this" (I notice that one pretty frequently), or "I dont like this", etc.

Hopefully, this will be incentive for people to actually attempt to strain that gray matter in their head for some sort of intellectual or witty compilation of words that will be a pleasant and welcome addition to the topic that it is posted it.

In case anybody is not fully understanding what I am trying to say, I will put it in simpler words. I actually enjoy reading through comments, and I actually DO read the news, and the articles, but when I see a troll post, or a comment that is there for no apparent reason other than to annoy, it takes the enjoyment out of reading the remainder of the comments, and generally makes me less likely to add anything.

For those that participate in the senseless posting, there is something that you may not yet realize. You dont always have to say something about what you just read (If you did, in fact, just read it). You can always just read an article, and ponder on it. If you dont have anything else to say aside from "First" or "I might get this", Then you MAY be better off just exiting the topic, and finding something else to read.

I am done ranting for a while, but I just felt that GI needed to be given a thanks for their efforts to improve the overall experience of the site for those of us that actually come here for the news, reviews, and also for the fun.