For those of you who has never heard of this long title, picture super smash bros. but in playstation. They have already revealed seven playable characters, and they are:

Kratos - God of War 

The most angriest most powerful spartan of all, who seeks vengeance against the Gods. He rips his enemies to shreds with his Blades of Chaos or exile (whatever) and then makes beautiful love to women and goddesses. We love him for his anger his weapons and his brutal ways of killing them. We are proud to have him on playstation.

Sly Cooper - Sly Cooper

Sly is a descendant from a long line of master thieves. He carries a golden cane so he could pickpocket, climb, hipline, and beat up bad guys.  Sly is a super fast and agile fighter, and has a special power that allows him to become invisible instead of blocking.


Pappa the Rappa - Pappa the Rappa

How can we forget the adorable and talented Pappa the Rappa? I don't know much about him, but he is most effective up-close with kung-fu moves from the games.


Sweet Tooth - Twisted Metal

There is one word I can describe Sweet Tooth, and that is "PSYCHOPATH!" He is a lean mean Killing machine. He destroys all in his path driving in an ice cream truck wearing a clown mask. sounds funny, but friction epic. Sweet Tooth is has been with us for years, from playstation 1 to 2 and to 3. which would make sense as to why he should be play stations mascot. Nintendo has Mario, Xbox has Master Chief, and Playstation has Sweet Tooth. In "PAS BR", He uses both melee and gun-based/explosive weapons, such as land mines.


Fat Princes- Fat Princes

All I know is that she likes cake, and she is a melee fighter and can summon characters from Fat Princess to help, such as Mages and Warriors. I'm Sorry that's all I got. Her supper attack is  

Ratchet - Ratchet and Clank

Ratchet is my favorite character in the playstation franchise. protecting the galaxy with a wrench, awesome weapons such as the R.Y.N.O and a little help from Clank. I think since the R.Y.N.O is such a powerful weapon, that it might be one of his super attacks. 

Colonel Radec - Killzone

He was a boss in killzone 2. He is the leader of the Helghast forces and is a ruthless and cunning leader. He only relies on weapons and gadgets from afar, such as flamethrowers, rifles, and explosives.


Now as you know, there are many many many more playstation exclusive characters out there. But who should be in this epic anticipating game? here are my opinions.


Anyone from Final Fantasy

sounds lazy, but there are so many characters that you can play as, that its kinda hard for me to chose one. 

Jak - Jak and Daxter 

Jak is my childhood game. It was a lot of fun running around looking for precursor orbs. He's perfect for this game because he has good melee combat, great weapons, and, i think this should be one of his super attacks, he can turn into a dark eco monster. In that stage he could push the ground, causing a massive shock wave killing everyone in sight. 

Nariko - Heavenly Sword

She is the most beautiful warrior in playstation history. While we never got a chance to see Nariko take up the accursed sword yet again, "PAS BR" (thats what I'm calling it from now on) would be the perfect time to get the fans, that still desperately hold out for a sequel, a taste of what could have been. She’s a versatile fighter with a sword that transforms into three different forms to fit the need of the warrior. As a quick attack, Nariko can call upon the mischievous Kia to take quick shots from off screen. Nariko plays as your good all-around character that can shift from speed to power in a moments notice. 


Wander - Shadow of Colossus 

One of the best games to ever grace the PS2 needs to make an appearance in anything with the word “All Stars.” With blade and trusty bow, Wander plays like Link from that other series as you take shots from across the screen only to unleash steel once your opponent closes the distance. For his special ability, a shrill whistle calls in your mighty steed, Aggro, to come trotting into the level to kick and bash anyone who gets in his way.

Spyro - Spyro the Dragon

I'm talking about the Spyro that we all know in love, before they *** up his face, before Elijah Wood did a voice of him. We love the cocky, funny, reckless Spyro. However, it would be cool if Spyro had that dragon within power from Spyro a new beginning. Because that he's purple, which is awesome, he can breath out multiple elements of nature - - Fire, Earth, Ice, Wind, Lightning, Bubbles.  

Crash - Crash Bandicoot 

Like Spyro, he is a classic. I mean look at him! Crash is the guy you invite to your parties because you need that one person to run out to get more supplies. No one’s going to miss him when he’s away. But you have to include him in the fun; he used to be the mascot for Sony after all. Maybe this is more like a bad breakup where you’ve moved on, but you know Crash still keeps a piece of your hair by the bedside table even you’ve asked him about it and he completely denies it. I’ve seen it, Crash! The bandicoot hosts a variety of moves such as spin, jumping, spin-jumping, and crying when he thinks no one is looking.

Cole Macgrath - InFamous

Playing as Cole was so much fun. I have always dreamed of having lightning powers, and I was excited that i got to play as a character that had electrical powers. Not only that, he also has an Amp, which is like a sword with two lighting rods. He can shoot lightning out of his hands, create electrical shields, and create tornados and lightning storms, which I think should be one of his super attacks.


Chimera - Resistance 


 Chimeras are eager to invade Earth for the sole purpose of eradicating humankind and claiming Earth for themselves. To me the main characters in the resistance series aren't really important and would look bland in PAS BR. It would also be really cool playing as a Chimera. But what would i know? This isn't really my most accurate opinion. :p

Nathan Drake - Ucharted

Nathan Drake is an American treasure hunter and fortune seeker, deep-sea salvage expert, action-pro, professional thief, the playable protagonist. If He can survive a train crash, and plane crash, he can survive three Kratos's. 



Arc the Lad - Arc the Legend

Arc the lad is another playstation exclusive.  A mix of final fantasy and one piece. He would be our fire emblem. A good addition to PAS BR. 

Any one on Armored Core

Even thought Armored Core not the best series, They have also been with us since PS1, Like Twisted Metal. I personally prefer Armored Core over Twisted metal because I’ve been a big fan of big robots since i was a little kid. Like Gundam, Transformers, and the Power Ranger’s Megazords. Clowns? Not so much. Its hard to hate these *** looking robots, with missiles and guns on every inch of their bodies. I’m sure sony and the game designers of the game will understand.

Ico- ICO 

I have never played this game, and i regret it. But what i have heard is that ICO is the most brilliant game in history of playstation. the game is about a kid with horns, ICO, trying to save his only friend, a girl who was different and the only one who accepted him. Although it is short, it has an amazing narrative that is so simple, but so complex at the same time that makes you think long after you play it. There should be no reason for why he shouldn’t be in the game. If, no. When, we play  him, he could be a good melee fighter because of the stick.

Kevin Butler

Hmmm... Someone told me that Kevin Butler, Sony’s marketing character, should be in this game. As much as I like him and bacon wrapped cupcakes, No. Sorry, Kevin Butler.


Kaz Hirai – President of Sony Corporation

The man who makes the calls at Sony should be the man who brings the pain in Battle Royal. Just think about it. Kaz flips characters for massive damage or goes screaming into battle with his typical cry, “RRRIIIIIIDDDDDGGGGGEEEE RACER!” Better yet, he calls the shots even when he’s in the game. If he feels like wiping out gravity for a round, you better get used to floating around. No lights? No blocking? No problem! Think of him as that big white floating hand in smash bros. According to Game trailers, they said that the final boss is going to be a big surprise for us. I think its Kaz. Anything goes when you’re the president of one of the biggest gaming companies around, and everyone you face happens to be on your bankroll. You don’t attack other characters; you fire them!


So there are all of my ideas on who should be in "Playstation All-Star Battle Royale." If theres anyone that i'm missing, leave a comment.