We have a ton of information about the new Assassins Creed. This blog contains a lot of spoilers, so here it is:

Who: the hero in this game is named Connor/ Ratohnhake:ton (pronounced Ra-doon-ha-gay-doo). funny word. He's half English and half Mohawk Indian. You will experience Connor's childhood on the frontier. The Mohawk clash with white colonists who burn their village down, causing Connor to dedicate his life to confronting tyranny and injustice. The overall story is still centered around the Assassins versus the Templars and Connor's journey.

When and Where: The game is set between the years 1753-1783 around  Boston and New York. The city scenes are more detailed than previous Assassin's Creed games, with full crowds of people doing different, mundane tasks, and the city seeming to react to players' actions. 

Update: This game will also have different climates such as snow and rain.

Update: Image

Update: image

 Allies:Apparently in this game, you will meet many of our historical figures such as George Washington, who, by the way is one of the game's main characters as well as Ben Franklin, who is apparently not a "convenient inventor" like da Vinci in past Assassin's Creed games.  Another main character is the mysterious Charles Lee. We don't know anything about him at all.

Gameplay: A lot of the actual gameplay centers on The Frontier, a huge area of wilderness that is 1.5 times bigger than all of Assassins Creed Brother Hood. When in the frontier, you'll meet up with all kinds of gameplay elements, including hunting and pelt gathering (shades of Red Dead Redemption), and villages -- Colonial and Native American alike. The wilderness traversal plays a big part in the gameplay in the Frontier. You use trees, cliffs, ledges, and more to set up kills and combat. Connor does have a hidden blade. 


  • The tomahawk and knife are a "constant presence" in battle. They let you do double counters and multiple takedowns, as well as chain kills. (Update: Tomahawk)
  • There's no more target locking. Counter/defense are the same button to prevent defensive turtling.
  • You can use human shields and other context sensitive moves.
  • There are lots of secondary attacks like the one shot pistol on the Y button.
  • There's a new dynamic camera to track the action and make it look as cinematic as possible.
  • There is a new sprinting system also, so you can hold the button to instantly turn around and start fleeing from combat. They also let you kill people while still moving so you can keep chasing a target.


Update Update: Here is the new trailer for Assassins Creed 3