Console wars have been going on for pretty much since games were first invented, weather its the PC gamers or the console gamers, Sega or Nintendo, Mircosoft or Sony. This generation we have both Sony and Microsoft competing to take the crown, both the PS3 and XBOX360 performed well last gen and PS4 is in the lead. Microsoft is catching up since there price drop, but each are competing and each equally fight for the crown. The point is your not going to convince a sony fan that the XBOX360 is better than the PS3 and your not going to convince a Microsoft fan that PS3 is better than XBOX. You you think you can then your wasting your breath. I don't nessesarily have a preference to which I like more, it depends on the games that are released.

You see back when the XBOX 360 came out that was the system that I wanted. I didn't want a PS3 for a long time I didn't need one until Final Fantasy XIII came out the XBOX 360 was more friendly system for RPG gamers at the time. Early on we had Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, Infinite Undiscovery, The Last Remnant, Tales of Vesperia, Star Ocean the last hope. It quickly became my favorite system as I played these awesome games. Those games subsided and companies switched to mobile devices or the PS3. What quickly became my new system was the playstation 3. Why? I became obessed with Uncharted. Suddenly the 360 just didn't pump out the games I wanted anymore more and more PS3 games were being released, Ni No Kuni, Tales of Xillia, Uncharted series, Metal Gear Solid 4. The point of this is my loyalty lies with the companies that develop games not a particular system. this brings me to my next point. I had stated that it depends what system has the games that I like, and right now that is the playstation 4 has the only game holding me over to the playstation 4 this gen is Uncharted 4 and that is why I'm choosing a playstation 4. All other games are cross platform. This guy proceeds to tell me that I'm wrong, that he dissagrees with me.

He said and I quote "I think Sony had the crappiest games they would publish anything no matter how crappy the game was." The 360 and the PS3 shared alot of the same games. Its his opinion as to what sucked and what didn't. I think I know the games that this guy was refering to and honestly its all opinion. XBOX 360 and their fair share of crappy games, but his comment also rings arrogance. He assumes that what he things is crappy everybody else should to. You can only defend with facts and statistics not deem a system better cause you think it releases less crappy games. There is a difference by me saying "Well for now i'm getting a playstation 4 because I want to play Uncharted 4 verses me saying Well the XBOX One is crappy because it will publish any game to make money. It all depends on preference and what games you enjoy. No one person likes the same game. Halo fans will forever enjoy Halo and therefore lean towards the XBOX, and Sony has there exclusive games. Until one company crumbles or they join together to combine efforts these wars will rage on. But remember you can't defend a system by saying that you think it has better games that is an opinion. It is arrogance to tell some one they are wrong because they like more games being developed on specific console.