One of the most famous in the world of massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG), the brainchild of Blizzard Entertainment, a release date in Russia, which was September 6, 2008. This is the fourth game, continuing a series of Warcraft. In wow play more than 11 million people around the globe. WoW game is based on so many of your favorite genre of "fantasy". You will fall into the wonderful world of wow, the population as human beings and creatures unseen, such as elves, orcs, undead, dwarves ... Create a unique hero in wow, you can perform a variety of orders received from the character, a computer-controlled, as well as travel, defeat monsters wow, abundant living game world, discover uncharted land, or wander through the already favorite places. Do you have a chance to show their prowess by fighting duels with other players, or go on the offensive, establishing their battle groups, against such unions. For the victory over the enemy you will receive the so-called "honor points" for which you can update the equipment wow, and for performing tasks - valuable experience, which is accumulating, you raise your level, food and drink, potions, and various things that are useful for your game kind of activity, as well as money - gold wow, that will enhance your ability in the world of Warcraft. The game World of Warcraft (wow) stands out among other like her because it puts everyone a purpose. You can just as to develop a character, strive for perfection in their chosen profession, earn a reputation unsurpassed fighter or to become a pioneer in the vast game world of WoW. Difficult to find a game that would compare with World of Warcraft (wow) for the wealth of choice of characters, represented here by eight races and has nine classes. Race World of Warcraft (wow) divided into two factions - the Alliance and the Horde. At the moment, the Alliance made up of people, the night elves, dwarves and gnomes. Competing factions are Orcs, Tauren, Forsaken (they are undead) and trolls. But this does not exhaust the world's population Warcraft. Here you can meet lots of characters, computer-controlled, such as goblins, ogres, satyrs, murlocs, tuskarr and others. Install the game WoW, you will be able to play a part in such races as the Blood Elves and Draenei, but still get the new class. Almost every race in WoW has its own capital and the initial location, except for gnomes and trolls. Only in the game, there are nine capitals, of which two cities - Shattrath and Dalaran - are neutral. The other eight - the capital of Alliance and Horde, four from each faction. Darnassus, Exodar, Stormwind, Ironforge and Orgrimmar, Undercity, Undercity, and Thunder Bluff, respectively. In large cities, World of Warcraft (wow) developed a variety of crafts, trade, banking, science. Besides them, there are numerous small settlements, where there is nothing but a tavern, post office and several shops. However, that still need to present a hero for a decent life in the world of WoW? As already mentioned, the game World of Warcraft wow (with amendments The Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King) there are ten classes: mage, paladin, hunter, druid, shaman, priest, rogue, warlock, warrior, and the first hero class - Knight death. Each class is not available to all races, so there are 26 possible combinations of race and class for each of the factions. In addition to military skills, your character in wow can master one of the professions and improve it in order to gain the status of a recognized master. In World of Warcraft (wow), there are two types of professions: the main and auxiliary. You can examine only the two main professions, and all support. Key include alchemy, style, enchantment, jewelry, mining, collecting herbs, Skinning, tailoring, engineering and blacksmithing. To support skills include cooking, horseback riding, fishing and first aid. So you decide which of career will you exercise your talents in wow under the strict guidance of a mentor. Will you make potions, prepare poisons and antidotes to convert matter from one state to another, or to extract minerals, or maybe you dream of designing motor vehicles, to create new types of weapons armor? Perhaps you could think that the characters of World of Warcraft (wow) and just know how that fight and work from dawn to dusk, and that their lives have no place of spirituality. But it is not so! Each race is not alien to the beautiful, all the characters at certain points may perform an original dance. For example, the dwarf-man famously splyashet "Cossack" and his beautiful (of course, by local standards) tribeswoman otstuchit Irish step. For female Draenei and Trolls no big deal to shut his belt Shakira, performing a belly dance. Most "difficult" dance belongs to the goblins: sitting in the lotus position, they touch the ground first with one hand, then another. Since WoW multiplayer game, then a special place in her distinguished players associations. You can create a group of five characters, approximately equal level, to perform any quests. If you have to fight with a particularly large monster wow, and you want to increase the chances of success, it would be wiser to invite friends to raid wow. Of course, after the victory you have to share the booty (gold wow), but who said that everything would be easy? In wow (World of Warcraft) is another bonus for fans of team play. This dungeon. They represent a special space that is available only to a particular group, other players can not get there and prevent you from earning prize points and experience. However, it should be on your guard, because in the caves wow density of the strongest monsters per square foot increases dramatically, and Sender their enemies only dream about how to deal with your team. You are acquainted only with the grain of all the extraordinary opportunities offered by the game (wow) World of Warcraft. So is it time to go on a journey through the world game, that to comprehend its secrets and take part in the dizzy adventures?