Online games can benefit children. A lot of people, especially parents, may disagree with the statement. However, this is true, if video games are played in moderation. There are many available games designed for kids nowadays. For the past years, parents glare at the thought of games made for their children. But after conducting several studies on gaming and its impact on children, researchers arrived at the conclusion that online gaming can also be beneficial to children, if being monitored properly by parents. The benefits range from development of social skills, increased chances of excelling in academics to increased emotional intellect. Through playing online games, a child�s confidence increases and he learns the importance of making goals and achieving them. For example, in the game "Zuma", the player has to clear the balls needed to finish the game. By playing this game, the child will learn the satisfaction of achieving his goal, which he could eventually apply in real life. Second, there are online games that allow the children to play with other children from all walks of life. This will teach them the value of sharing ideas and taking turns. Additionally, they will learn how to socialize with different people and cultures around the world. This will be helpful to their social growth and development, even outside the virtual world. Joining multiplayer games will also teach them the importance of teamwork. Based on some studies, those who play vide-based games regularly tend to have better eye-hand coordination. This can be very beneficial to the kids in numerous ways. Other games available on the Internet are "logic" games. They focus on challenging the kid�s mind. This can apparently enhance one�s intellect, which will give him a big plus in real life. Some skills that can be developed and improved by playing these games include problem-solving, memory, math and computation skills, vocabulary, and so on. Examples of these games are "4 Elements", "Super Text Twist", "Jewel Quest", "Turbo Pizza" and "7 Wonders". Lastly, children who play online games are able to learn how to multitask. Think of games like Diner Dash", "Cake Mania", "Virtual Villagers", and "Turbo Subs". To be able to finish the level, the player must first reach the given quota. To be able to reach the quota, one has to be able to do different tasks efficiently. As the level increases, there are more tasks given and they�re usually even more challenging than the previous ones. Finally, there are online games that require the player to effectively multitask and learn the basics of micromanagement. Games like "Diner Dash" and "Virtual Villagers" require players to meet goals by keeping an eye on various aspects of the game that are in play at the same time. Success involves not only understanding when something needs to be done, but knowing how long that will take and factoring that into the handling of everything else. Now, you probably appreciate already the numerous benefits of online gaming for kids. Nonetheless, precautions should be taken to ensure Internet safety. One, parents should monitor the activities that their children join in. They need to make sure that they are age-appropriate, so they�re not being exposed to topics, themes and language that are inappropriate. Also, with the rampant cases of identity-theft, the children should be advised not to give out personal information to anyone.