CityVille is the most recent game from Zynga. It combines the successful formula of other Zynga games and many of the game mechanics are the exact same. Most veteran Zynga gamers will adapt to CityVille's nuances fairly easily. For gamers that are new to Zynga's strategies of social networking gaming, this guide will outline how CityVille works. You start off in the game by becoming the mayor of a small town. Your objective is develop your town, by building houses, public buildings, farms and beginning business franchises. Money in coins, is generated by farms, collecting rent from businesses and as a result of trade. All of your businesses require items for stock. It is possible to stock your businesses by buying goods from friends. If you have an overflow of items, you sell them to friends. The more coins you make and tasks you carry out, the more XP you earn. XP is exchanged for leveling up. Leveling up unlocks new game features, which of course makes you more money. Leveling up also unlocks special items, buildings and enhanced features. By building houses and constructing community buildings, your population grows. This will increase the coins you can make off businesses and rentals. Bear in mind when your population limit is reached for your current city size, your citizens become unhappy because of the cramped living conditions. This has a negative impact on your rental and business earnings. You have to expand your city size as your population increases, to prevent squalor. Adding Facebook friends as neighbors is crucial. Not only do you earn coins and XP by visiting friends and completing tasks in their cities, you also need to have friends to expand your franchise empire. Franchise trading and profits is where the real money in CityVille lies.