just dance kids best game for kids: Kids love sound and they love to dance. Music is a wonderful tool for brain-stimulation and dancing is fantastic exercise as well as a tool for teaching kids a beat. Just Dance is rate E for everyone and is for kids of all ages, even adults. It is a wonderful way to spend quality time with your kids or just watch them have fun with their siblings and a friend. just dance kids game; This dancing game for Wii comes to you from the creative developers at Ubisoft and is designed with kids in mind. These developers did not just create a standard dance game, they created several modes that everyone will love playing. just dance video game; You can play Just Dance Kids in solo mode to practice, to get exercise or with other players to make this dancing experience the most fun. There are 40 plus full songs on this game and it is considered the best Wii video game for kids as well as one of the top-rated dancing video games overall. This game was so hot that it reached the top of the gift list for kids over the holidays. The songs range from younger kids to older kids (and adults) and include songs for little kids like the Alphabet Song, Hot Potato (The Wiggles), the Monkey Dance, the Chicken Dance and If You're Happy and You Know It. For bigger kids they have songs like Funkytown, Macarena, All Star, Who Let the Dogs Out and Celebration. Just Dance Kids is also the cutest kids video game you will ever watch. Kids do the singing and dancing on the video itself and you, the parent, aunt, uncle, grandparent can enjoy watching your kids have the time of their lives dancing to great music. This game is exciting for those who participate in it as well as those who choose to be an audience. Just Dance Kids can give you and the kids you love hours of fun dancing, laughter and healthy exercise.