I've lost count of how many times I've started a new character on a new realm. I'm familiar with literally every starting zone. Since these tips are for new players, I'll start there like so many new players do. One of the first things you should do is not buy anything from the vendors. Collect as much as you can while you're out killing stuff, and sell it all to the vendors, except the things that you can equip. Your gear at low levels will make a huge difference in you abilities. So upgrade to better stats. But once you hit around level 5 or 6 you'll find yourself moving into a new area where the beasts drop a little bit better items. Lets start off tip numbe 1 with what to collect. Each faction and starting place is a little bit different. But in all areas you'll find some sort of large flying creature. It might be a giant big, a giant dragon hawkling, an owl looking thing, or some other type of large flying animal. When you kill them they'll drop an egg that you can very easily sell for 1 gold each. For new players this is a complete gold mine. Grinding these things at low levels can easily put 30 or 40 gold in your bag fast. The next thing you'll want to do is set up a second account with a character that will only sit at the mailbox next to an auction house. When you get green colored items, or materials like the eggs that are taking up precious space in your bags, send them to this auction house alt to save yourself lots of time and bag space. Also keep an eye out for runecloth and netherweave bags. They're the best deal to get at low levels, it's worth it to get netherweaves as soon as possible. For this next tip you'll need to have 4 netherweave bags, or larger, for it to work well. The idea is to get experience, and loot fast. Find out which low level dungeon there is for your faction. RFC for Horde, or VC for Alliance. Go into a major city and offer 10g for a run. Someone bored enough will do it. Make sure that the loot option is set to free for all, and collect all of the grean items. Now you may be able to equip some of these, and if you can that's great. Don't be afraid to hold onto something that is a few level higher than you are either, you'll get there fast enough. Now list all of those items on the auction house. Low level items can go for 1-2 gold each, so you can get your money back, some easy experience and some gold in return. Collecting cloth is a good idea too, it often sells for about 1 gold per stack for cotton. If it's listed lower, just stick it in your bank and wait til later. While the other player is killing everything, take the time to empty some of the grey and low level items out of your bags. Towards the end this won't be as necessary, so don't delete items late in the dungeon unless you have something better to replace it.