Launched a beta test of online role-playing game The Star Trek Online. In fact, closed beta test runs for a second day. If you want to take part in the test, you can register here. Press Release for detailed view. Los Gatos, Calif. Atari is one of the largest publishers of video games and Cryptic Studios, developers of Champions Online and Star Trek Online, announced today that phase of closed beta test, Star Trek Online will begin on Oct. 22, 2009. The public will finally be able to enter the Star Trek Online, and go where ever gone before. "We are pleased to share our sequel to the legendary history of Star Trek with the public," said Craig Zinkivich, executive producer of Star Trek Online. "We are confident that fans of Star Trek and MOO will be impressed by what they see in Star Trek Online." Star Trek Online for the first time boasts a combination of space-and ground-based gameplay, players will truly be able to become a captain to create and customize a unique ship. In addition, gamers can create their own unique race, equip and manage the ships throughout their careers, to carry out planetary exploration, combat against Klingons, Romulans, Cardassians, etc. Star Trek fans will soon be able to join Starfleet, the Federation to protect and enhance the worlds of war-affected. The closed beta test is particularly exciting moment in the development of the game and the team of developers Cryptic hopes for feedback from users. Cryptic Studios has opened registration for the closed beta testing of Star Trek Online. People who wisely purchased a lifetime subscription on Champions Online, will automatically fall into the list of participants PTA. Others will have to fill out a short form on the site Star Trek Online, and fingers crossed, waiting for what they will choose the hand of "randomizer" Cryptic Studios. Fill out and submit a request in any case it is worth - even if you do not choose now, you can choose when Star Trek Online will move to the next stage of beta testing, which require huge crowds of players.Self-testing will begin towards the end of this year, and the full version of the game is due out in March of 2010.