Online cooking games are becoming a big hit nowadays. It is so addictive that all kids regardless of age as well as kids at heart are playing these games. If you could recall those moments when you were a kid playing with toy pots and pans with your best friend or neighborhood buddies, then you would love to check out these virtual kitchens. You would absolutely find it more interesting and more experimental than your pots and pans. These cooking games are more than just baking, cooking and frying. It is the full experience of cooking like a professional chef. You could get to prepare meals step by step as in cooking in person. In some versions of these games, you could actually use the recipes in a real life kitchen. You can find out new recipes your family would enjoy. You are being taught how to cook while having fun at the same time. In some versions, you could compete with other players as in Hell�s Kitchen. Be the best chef out of the bunch and cook virtually under pressure. It is certainly your time to show off your skills in cooking under pressure using one central theme ingredient. These free cooking games are so much fun. You will be given bonus credits to start off. Some games would have a restaurant theme; as if you own that establishment. You would be the one to decide what would be the day�s menu. You would create your own meals and be the head chef in the kitchen. Bake your own versions of birthday cakes, wedding cakes, anniversary cakes, and celebration cakes. Build your own bakeshop and be like a professional pastry chef and create masterpieces that would keep your online customers coming back for more. Or you could start your own pizza parlor and experiment with different toppings like pepperoni, cheese and veggies. There are so many more ingredients to unlock as you progress. And you will be surprised how much more creations you could do as if you are a real life entrepreneur trying to get some customers to come to your place. You could serve different menus in one. If you�re a fan of burgers, you could create your own monster cheeseburgers with fries on the side. You could be a fry cook and start your own burgers restaurant. Maybe it would inspire you to actually build your restaurant on a real life basis. Cooking games is a classic game played by young boys and girls. We all enjoyed getting in the kitchen and pretending we can cook and prepare meals for our family. These online games have definitely reinvented what we call classic and reintroduced it to the 21st century with these virtual games. Everything is provided for you to play. In each level, you would discover something new, which you will definitely enjoy and be excited about. Of course, these things are certainly so much fun than what you�re used to play when you were a kid.