Sony reveals its new powerful home console NGP (Next Generation Portable) powered by graphics. Next Generation Portable or abbreviated as NGP is the next latest portable gaming console with more interesting features. NGP is the new handheld console with dual analog thumb sticks and stunning 50 inch OLED (Organic Light Emitting Display) high-definition multitouch screen with Approx. 16 million colors. It looks like a PSP and many called it PSP2 but it�s not a PSP2. It contrast with Apple�s iPhone 4 and seems to be more users friendly. Unlike Nintendo 3DS, Sony NGP doesn�t offer three dimensions views, but it does have two touch screens i.e. Multi-touch 5-inch organic light emitting display as the front display and Multi-touch pad on the rear. Sony affirms that the touch pad on the rear will allow gamers to interact directly with games in three dimensions. The next feature it offers is dual cameras one on the front and the other on rear. Another feature of NGP is Wi-Fi like PSP console of Sony but it added 3G and built in GPS i.e. location tracking technologies. So, now gamers can connect to network outside the hotspots also with this feature. One more feature is the battery life, As NGP prepared up of OLED screen so, should help keep battery life high. Another good thing in NGP is it does not have UMD drive and that�s pretty fine because the UMD drive tends to be earsplitting and also adds load to the unit. Now, If you are concerned about that what you will do with your older games, Don�t Worry Sony NGP will play older PSP and little bit of PS2 games too like Killzone, Uncharted, WipEout, LittleBigPlanet, Call of Duty , Hustle Kings and many more. Sony claims you�ll be able to monitor the NGP screen clearly from any direction So, this is going to be more exciting. Sony anticipated to make NGP debut at the end of the 2011�.We all are waiting for this new console with more excitement.