Nintendo made the branded product game Super Mario in 1981. Since then this is among the most played and wanted games in the history. The enjoyable in extra complete because you are able to play it with additional players or by yourself. Now, with all this modern technology, wonderful resolution and graphics, new extra quality it is even additional popular and fun. Here is really a list of the most played Mario Games. 1. Super Mario Bros. - This Video game has the pretty lovable Mario powered up by consuming Mushrooms. He is part of a battle with creatures, along with the mushrooms give him strength to turn out to be Super Mario and win the levels. He also uses the fire flowers and their fireballs. It is oldie but Goldie, and that's why after approximately a quarter of century people today still love it and play it. 2. Mario Galaxy -brought the 3D gaming and now Mario is into the space. The game permits you to encounter the clever tactics that helps visualize and feel the anti-gravity feature of the space. 3. Mario Bros - Super Mario Land introduces the brother Luigi. Luigi is Mario's brother, who is taller but lazy and clumsy in nature. Depicting the two brothers as plumbers in New York, the game is played on and in pipes and tunnels.You not just have to defeat the enemy, but also kick them within the back. Super Mario 64 -the ultimate encounter in Mario Games. This component of Mario's is exquisite because a 3D effects and an excellent 360 degrees action. 5. Super Mario Land - This is one of the oldest versions, with the hero on a journey seeking his Princess Daisy. This game is made in black and white technique but folks adore it. 6. Super Mario World 2-Mario is really a child in it, but it is still extremely well-known. Non typical representative on Mario games, but it is pretty upgraded and good-looking version. Mario games have been around because 1981 and are still 1 of those games which are loved playing by all age groups. Mario traveled the journey of video gaming from being the Jump man with Donkey Kong to becoming Mario, the friendly man. Our present Mario just isn't the Jump man, who confronted Donkey Kong, after finding the girlfriend. His changed personality is friendly in his behavior also as his dressing. At this point Mario is pretty powerful guy with exceptional abilities. At the beginning in 1981 the game was a Nintendo 8-bit standard game, and now we are enjoying ourselves playing Super Mario Bros, Mario Bros 3, Super Mario Kart. Mario games upgrade was made so that you can enhance its top quality and they succeed after making it 3D. Mario once again went back to the 2D issue, however it was just a short and experimental version. Its Paper Mario 2 is completely smashing with Mario able to fold like a paper and change his body shape to that of an airplane and fly. He learns several new moves to allow him to tackle the most impulsive and unprepared attack! Nonetheless Mario is still going ahead and makes new Mario game puzzle parts.