Writing these type of things are kind of difficult, especially over the past couple of months, but when you promise people over and over and over again, that yes this time you will have internet and start back on your online presence, only to not succeed over and over and over again, well you sound kind of silly. The difference this time is that I do in fact have unlimited internet access! So what does that mean for my Year of Doing, well it means several things. First and foremost I will be sprouting up here on the ole GIO from, I also have a few projects that I'm working on.

The first "project" is an idea that hasn't been too difficult to start on without internet, since phones are now the portable internet, I was able to begin work on The Gaming Parent. While this is a Facebook group initially, the goal is to create a community in which parents, who may have been kids in the 90's or even children, grandparents, aunts, and uncles, raising children in the 24/7 life we now have. Problems such as content, or even how to get children more interested in new gaming experiences, or whatever you wish to discuss in terms of the media and the entertainment we consume. The idea is that the group comes together to discuss these problems, and obviously from a more "hobby gaming culture" mindset. This will start as the Facebook group that is linked above, but eventually expand into a website (hopefully.)

To help tie this idea in, I will be returning to the GIO podcast airwaves, I think marking the first time in GIO podcasting history that a former show rise this triumphantly from the ashes. Yes, The 4th Floor will be making its return. In a new official format that will leave some long time fans curious, I will not discuss the personal dealings behind the situation, but unfortunately Liz will not be a part of the show, as she was previously my co-host. Instead I will be introducing a new co-host/mother of my child9rren it's complicated again not talking about it) Crystina Miler. Hopefully we can start working on building up discussion for The Gaming Parent on this show for you. With the obvious change in format and discussion to the topics you will hear, the mood of the change will probably be slightly more serious, but still provide a few laughs. More importantly though, I hope this will allow the show to be more cohesive and informative, rather than silly and a waste.

We will be recording the first episode this weekend, and with luck I can have the show out to you guys by Sunday evening, Monday night at the latest. As well, I will be continuing work for The Game Effect once again. But that will probably not be as prominent to my goals for the time being, but I hope to be able to share a more professional attitude and thus use that particular source for more hard hitting editorials. So where does that leave me, I kind of disappeared from the internet in 2013. It was not the best year admittedly for a lot of different reasons (again if you know than you know if you don't you might some day but I'm not spilling that out here for you to read)

However 2013 was still a good year. I finally have a legitimate career field in HVAC. I work for one of the top companies in the state of Maryland doing new home rough-ins so I'm mostly a duct man, and while sparky does like to say "hey duck man" I can assure that my boss doesn't say "quack quack" he instead sounds more like a goat, but you might here from him on the podcast from time to time. Also I have one more really bad joke, "have you ever seen the color blind electrician?' "No" "well neither did his clients!"

Crystina and I also had the child, Osiris Lee, he's almot 9 months now, will be on February 9th 2014, you're an adult, and or hopefully above the age of 5 you should be able to count backwards at least! I have a job, internet, family, and my own apartment, but I don't have a PS4 or Xbone, or is it X1, or Xbox 1 in the forums (I have no idea I'm so far behind!) but will hopefully get one in the next 2 years, just waiting until the consoles are out, and both have fully implemented all of their features before making a choice. So that leaves nothing more than to say: