Being blunt about issues is something that I pride myself on, to an extent, but when I began reading about the God Of War: Ascension "Bros Before Hos" trophyversy (see I'm clever). I instantly dug into the story to see exactly what the hub bub was for. What I read from Polygon was that the trophyversy starts after players viciously attack one of the Furies, the primary atagonists, in the latest game. Once you complete the little scene, which I'm including right here right now you achieve the "misogynistic" trophy.

MINOR SPOILERS (I haven't played the game but I don't think this ruins much)

So what we have here is another vicious fatality at the hands of Kratos, which thankfully he gets saved by Orkos who was bonded by the furies. In the scene Orkos chooses Kratos instead of the women who he was bound to, hence the title of the achievement. Is it "misogynistic" that really depends on your take on the scene, which to me I'd say it fits. What I find particularly hilarious in all of this recent feminism rise in gaming culture, is two fold:

1) It would seem that only gamers and those within the gaming community should be allowed to comment on any controversial content in gaming.

2) Why the sudden rise, when games that are considered classic are given a free pass?

First and foremost it is somewhat unbearable for me to say, but we the gaming community are not the only people who can have an opinion on our hobby. There are many people in this world. When posed with outside groups commenting on the nature and content of games, it is highly unlikely that you will hear a gamer say "hey let's listen to them they don't really understand our culture but let's talk to them about it."

Rather as PETA and some politicians have found, and received nasty letters from some of us, we don't want any kind of outsider poking their nose in our business. This is the gaming community, and quite frankly if you don't like it well "nah nah nah boo boo stick your head in doo doo." Or you have something like this scene from the 1934 film Freaks.

While we tell everyone "hey look this is our thing just butt out," we then say "hey guys look how mature we are, we're self supporting, and we can handle our own issues." Unless of course you dissent with the majority of the community, and of course if there's a "moral" high ground to be at stake than hopefully most think you're right. I'm not bitter, my morality really isn't cloudy, I wouldn't call a woman a ho or anything like that. Perhaps with a few friends I'd say something along those lines, but outside of that I'd never say anything like this.

It's inappropriate to name a Trophy this phrase, but it isn't immoral or somehow misogynistic given the meaning of the phrase in common culture. Especially given the circumstances behind the scene and trophy, hence where we then divulge into whether content or title should be held accountable or as offensive.

While Duke Nukem Forever certainly wasn't received all that pleasantly when it released, many a gamer had a fine time flashing wads of cash at pixelated strippers to see what the Duke had to say. It was pretty offensive, but the original Duke was kind of like your 10 year old son, he had a rough life, you were busy working 2 jobs, didn't really pay him any mind, let him run free, and one day he discovered girls and wanted a peek at the lady bits. Normal 10 year old stuff. Of course then GTA came out and the third entry sky rocketed the series into popularity, and we could run over 3D models of prostitutes in our cars after they provided a few health upgrades, usually in the back of an alley, but that's just business.

We also had Dead or Alive and wow were the physics amazing, again it was cool until it got to be too too much, I mean geez boobs don't bounce like that nor are they that big, let's make women more realistic guys. I mean seriously this is a male dominated industry. Kim Swift didn't just make Portal a guy had to hold her hand, and than that evil Valve corporation took all her hard earned money.

Morgan Webb, Kimberly Wallace, Annette Gonzalez, Alexa Ray Corriea, and Kat Bailey were all held back from journalist jobs because of those horrible pig men. I mean this industry is just filled with sexism, nothing but a big ole sausage party when I think about all the male journalists around. Never mind all those male developers and male gamers, just pushing those females down and down further and further. Gosh it must be difficult to get your voice heard as a female gamer.

We get it women like to play games just as much as guys do, I support it in fact. I've been known to throw out a few alerts to Infinity Ward and Treyarch because guys in lobbies where a girl joins up act like drunken frat guys. I respect women I do, I respect all races, creed, gender, orientation, nationality, etc etc. But what I don't tolerate is that somehow the industry has turned into this giant sexist pig fest.

In essence it is a boy's club, was that way for sometime, still in essence being a girl gamer has quite a few stigmas attached to it, which is honestly awesome that I still see reactions from my fellow men when a girl announces she played through Gears of War or God of War without the aid of her boyfriend.  So sure ladies stick up for yourself, but if you're going to sit there and say that the title is offensive why not point out all the other things that are offensive towards women about that game.

Thankfully some people seem reasonable about this. A title shouldn't affect the way we look at a Trophy or game. If that was the case where was this big out roar over The Ballad of Gay Tony why did it have to be "gay" why couldn't he be "Homosexual" Tony. If we're going to comment on titles well I mean Brutal Legend isn't all that "brutal" and Jack Black is a pretty big jerk to women in that as well. But at least it isn't in the title, just don't rub your face in it, and it's alright. In the end that is all this stupid trophyversy is about, a stupid title to a trophy that has no bearing on anything other than the fact that after you defeat one of the main antagonists in the game, and are saved by a bro bound to one of those women, and get a Trophy that was titled after a fairly common saying amongst guy friends.