GIO tonight marks a record number I don't think I would have reached in this amount of time, I was never a daily blogger before this past month, and given my time on and my time off pattern of writing here, I honestly hadn't thought I'd see this day pass. Tonight marks my 200th blog on this site, and while I've written quite a bit on other sites, it seems that my time here as been well spent. For one I have been granted numerous opportunities to shine through my writing. My first blog came on January 9, 2010 in which I discussed the difference between last generation (PS2, Xbox) and the current generation (PS3, 360). That blog was received fairly well t the time, obtaining 220 Views, 8 comments, and 2.5 stars. From that point forward and for the next two and half years I would average 930 views, and 7 comments on each of my 199 blogs.

In those 199 blogs I've discussed everything from my personal life and politics, video games primarily, and movies. I've started up a podcast, and I've made some great friends along the way. Unfortunately I've also left and returned several times, I've also achieved one Hot Topic Status on one of my blogs, although it was a fairly cheap blog list. My Top 10 Comic Movie List achieved over 16,000 views and 17 comments, which was only half as many as my highest comment count, however the view count never gets anywhere near as high as this one does, and can also make way for the average of 930 views.

Also this blog got absolutely no stars, so take that as it may, but it is slightly off putting that it made that many views, as it is one of my worst written blogs I think I have in my history on the site. For 200 blogs I've been blog herded, member herded, guested on 3 other podcasts, have had Dan Ryckert discuss Twisted Metal on The Fourth Floor, and interviewed recording artist and personal hero MC Lars.

However enough about me, what I really wanted to talk about on this 200th blog was what you the community here at GIO and in gaming in general mean to me. Without a doubt GIO is the community I prefer the most. I can't say the best, because that is a matter of opinion, and a community is what you get out of it, however I do enjoy the time I spend here on the site. I have met inspirations, and people I look up to. Primarily however what I have learned, and what all of should learn through our writing is that honest opinions win out over cheap blogs to garner views. The community here is capable of smelling out BS, and I'm glad of it, but more importantly this community generates fantastic discussion. When a blog forms and is published the conversation carries on from the site to Twitter, or other social media sites.

The community has also generated several writers who have moved on from GIO to obtain legendary status. Saint handles Blog Herding, Gamebeast23456 writes for Crimson Monkey as well as Dean AKA Born4This. Daniel Jones is technically my higher up now on The Game Effect and is now the New Editor In Chief. Jack Gardner of course is an intern here at Gameinformer. We have Jeremy Brown who could easily win a Nobel Peace Prize, Warbuff who has worked on some of our favorite games, and military vets who have sacrificed for our ability to write, Chris Mrckvicka, Saint, and I'm sure others who I've forgotten.We have Eagle Scout Skolvikes, and we have Bronies, comic book fans, trolls, movie reviewers, podcasts, and of course our love of video games.

GIO isn't just a gaming site, it's the ultimate in social networking for those who put the work into meeting new friends and discussing various topics. GIO isn't my preferred gaming website, it's my preferred social networking site. Thank You GIO members and Staff Members 200 Blogs is surely not the most blogs written, I think Saint has 600 and something, but I surely feel accomplished reaching that number.

Good Night you Champions of Electronic Signals On Television Screens and you Princes Of Online Discussion.