A Special Announcement From Kenneth The Big Daddy

Ladies and Gentlemen, Kenneth honorable and righteous Big Daddy Mascot of The 4th Floor here.  Some of you by now have probably heard of this game called "Bioshock: Infinite" and while I fully support Ken Levine and the talented staff of Irrational Games, I am truly disturbed by the recent discovery that no Big Daddy brethren of mine, nor our home Rapture is featured in this game.  The Big Daddy union is in dire need of work after He Who Should Not Be Named so viciously invaded our beloved city and decimated our Little Sister program. In the years following this heinous terrorist act we have been left a broken and unemployed society.  For Irrational Games to then shun us from OUR birthright, we feel it necessary to ask that you write Ken Levine and demand that he change the name of his upcoming video game.

See a title is a title, and we feel that this "Bioshock" game greatly misrepresents the brand that we toiled so hard to build and create.  The similarities exist merely through gameplay mechanics and storytelling techniques, and carry no weight in any way to the events that lead to our good name.  The Big Daddy Union will have no other option but to go on strike, and if we do your copies of the TRUE Bioshock will require an update effectively removing us from the game, until such time that our demands are met.  

I sincerely apologize for the lack of the regular write up you normally see before TOGNick provides you with the episode details, but felt that I must make you aware of the dire situation we Big Daddy's are facing.  For now enjoy The 4th Floor Episode 29: Finding Our Mojo which stars GIO member mojomonkey12

Well as you can tell Kenneth is upset and provided us with the self portrait for how he feels the new Bioshock: Infinite should really be heading.  Welcome to the show notes proper, and this week we have a pretty jam packed episode.  This week we bring on our first GIO community guest, it only took 29 episodes, and we pulled down one fantastic guest.  Mojomonkey12 or as we like to call him Jeremy Brown, is one of those GIO Community Members who works tirelessly building a fantastic podcast with indiejones, you know this show as The Indie & Mojo Show so be sure to check out the show they have there.

This week we discuss the VGAs which happened over the weekend which has generated a Listener Question: Do you feel the VGAs should become more like an Award Show in the vein of the Oscars or Grammy's? Or should they become merely a reveal and yearly wrap up show? Please provide an answer and we'll be sure to read those off on Episode 30 next week.

We review 2004's The Punisher starring Thomas Jane, and also Saint?

(This Is Apparently Saint Hollywood Has Told Me So and They Must Be Believed)

Our Movie of The Week is National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and during December we are spotlighting a community that often gets overlooked this time of year, despite The Festival of Lights also happening this year, and our Charity of The Month is The Jewish Community Center Association at www.jcca.org.

Our Top Ten List Extravaganza are our Top 10.5 Sport Franchises. Yes we had to do a .5 because Jeremy was a little upset about an apparent "omission" we made.  We also discuss the Tim Tebow phenomenon with Jeremy, since he's a Broncos fan (wonder what our "omission" was.) 

Continuing our GIO Podcast Tribute Tradition of Christmas our Break Music is "The Love Theme From Final Fantasy as Sung By Eric Cartman" From Brental Floss. And we end the show with "Someday at Christmas" from Jack Johnson.

As an added bonus, we had an internet malfunction this week while recording, using the magic of post production we managed to fix it, a special prize awaits the first person who can correctly identify the time that this happens (And No Jeremy don't Spoil it) what exactly is this prize, a Signed Autographed Picture from Kenneth the Big Daddy.