The November rain was coming down hard against the tin roof of the gas station, the constant tap tap tap from drop after drop was driving us insane.  Kenneth needed a refreshing drink and the Coca-Cola dispenser next to The 4th Floor Coffee Christmas Tree was the only source of relief.  As Kenneth drank from his frosty cola, our President Barrack Obama appeared, and the greatest photo opportunity presented itself.  We had been sworn to great secrecy to not reveal the existence of an actual Big Daddy or Rapture either, and instead we had our skilled artists come up with this rendering.  This is The 4th Floor Episode 27...

Welcome GIO regulars and new comers alike, I TOGNick am proud to say that this here is a podcast, about well alot of different things.  (I would tell you, but I want Saint to guess) If you want a clue there's plenty of tags below to help you figure it out.  Primarily it's our normal sort of segments. A little politics, our Charity of The Month ( 

Now that the goofiness is out of the way.  This week we discuss infrastructure as a means to cut back the recession, as well as an update on the GOP Candidates.  Svetlana Stalin has passed away.  She lived to be 84 and lived in Rural Wisconsin after defecting from Soviet Russia.  

Our Top Top Ten Extravaganza this week was a fun one, rather than go over what we like, we did a what we want to see.  This week we discuss who we would like to see involved in the next Batman movie.  Since Nolan will no longer be behind the camera after The Dark Knight Rises, we figured why not discuss those ideas.  It may shock you who we choose for Batman/Bruce Wayne.  

Kevin Smith is our director of the week it would seem, as we Review Zack and Miri Make a Porno and also our Movie of the Week is Clerks.  

We Round out the Episode with our NFL talk, and in general have a good time.

Show Notes:

We have a YouTube Channel we are in the process of converting old episodes into a video format so we don't have any content up right now, however we will be adding this episode on their within the next 24-48 hours.

The "Intro" music that I spoke of in the episode might not be finalized yet, if you like it let us know.  If you don't that's fine as well we don't mind.  The song is Final Fantasy VII Aire Tam Break by Fishy from

Our Break music was part of "Paper Boy With Lyrics" by Brental Floss

And our exit music was Random AKA MegaRan and his Song "Avalanche" from the CD "Black Materia"

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