"Well Well Well", I say as I pace around this conference call with a baton in hand, a Big Daddy standing menacingly behind me, "it seems that there's been an absence of content from The 4th Floor!!!" I slam the baton on the table barely missing my highly trained assistants.  "This is not acceptable!"

That was pretty much how the meeting went this week, when I realized content had stopped, and this is the product of our hard work this week.  Welcome to The 4th Floor Episode 26: FAR SUPERIOR!!!!


(Delancey and Mojomonkey Made this picture possible)


Liz and I return to you GIO with an actual new episode, unlike the lost Episode 25: Ghouls be Trippin' which is now available on iTunes and Podomatic.  Visit thereal4thfloor.com for links to that episode.  

In this, hopefully weekly again, episode Liz and I discuss Herman Cain and his problems with sexual harassment as well as the other GOP candidates.  As Penn State fans we feel it necessary to discuss the Penn State scandal.  It doesn't get heated as I had thought as Liz and I stand on opposite ends on what should happen, but we do have a conversation.

Our Charity of The Month is Movember.  Visit www.movember.com for more information on how you can donate to benefit prostate cancer.  Our Movie of The Week is Reservoir Dogs. I feel this is Tarantino's masterpiece, while Kill Bill is great I will always remember this as my first experience with the masterful director.  Agree, disagree, or want to share your favorite moment of the movie feel free to do so below.

I give a couple of spoiler laden reviews for Arkham City and Modern Warfare 3. And our Top Ten Extravaganza are Epic Songs.  We try to cover the bases from Metallica to Tchaivosky. We're sure you'll disagree with one more choices, so again leave us a message, we might read it off on the next episode.

One final note for all our fans and listeners.  We are now taking applications to be a special guest, and by applications we mean just ask us to be a guest, and we'll try to work out a schedule with you.  This isn't necessarily first come first serve.  We would really like to have long term fans on the show first, as they have a better feel for what we do, but are open to everyone and anyone who asks as long as you don't mind veering off topic on non video game topics.

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