GIO, Welcome. Come on come all and listen up.  This week we did it, we interviewed MC Lars.  There's a funny story to how the interview happened, we interviewed MC Lars in the alley at the venue.  So if there are some sound issues we apologize. The introduction to the interview starts at 28:11 if you want to skip out on the rest of the show.

For those who do want to listen, then we've got an episode for you.  Through Extra Life, we managed to raise 105 dollars for our Charity of The Month, The Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.  In total gamers across the country and world managed to raise over 1.1 million dollars this past weekend.  that's really awesome and some truly inspiring news.

Our 4th Floor Top Ten List Extravaganza, are horror icons this week.  And our Movie of the Week is Session 9.  We Go over our NFL round-up.  But the highlight of the show is MC Lars.

A special thank you to Gary and Ray at Reybee's for staying in contact leading up to the interview, as well as Mike the tour manager, for setting us up with MC Lars.  And of course a extra thank you to one of my modern idols MC Lars.  The energy and positive energy you bring to every show and album are not to be missed.  

Visit for more information on this artist.  Enjoy some pictures from the show.

(Adam WarRock and Tribe One They Opened the Show)