I haven't been nearly as active as I used to on this site.  But BlackHeartedWolf has thrown in the gauntlet, and I like a challenge.  It isn't so much that I enjoy the sweet smell of defeat from my enemies, but being told what to write about forces me to really think, especially when I'm given a word limit.  

Where do you think you are, and where do you hope to end up with your writing?

Currently my writing is sort of in a transitional phase.  Presently I find myself writing news articles for another site, it is a paid position, and there are several lingering issues that persist in my posts.  Notably repetitive words and phrases.  The issue occurs because I'm a very fly by the cuff writer, which is to say that I write it once and leave it at that.  Taking time to proofread has never been my best habit, and as such I won't be doing it here.  I suppose you could say that I've reached my goal for my writing, but the pay isn't steady enough to be considered a full time job.  However I am hoping that the position will lead me down a path to a more consistent pay venue.  I've always had the sugar plums of video game journalism dancing in my head, and the opportunity presented by my most recent endeavors will help.

My writing hasn't always been positive, I've dived into several topics that highlighted the inner demons that I've faced.  While lately I've tried to keep those topics on video games, I really enjoy writing out the thoughts inside my head.  I don't normally share myself as openly as I have here on GIO, and the anonymity has been what has helped.  Only a few of you know my real name, it involves Nick, so I've been able to hide behind a screen name.  This anonymous writing has created in me the opinion that the internet is the single most important invention in modern times.  Without the ability to get my writing out to an audience, my writing would still be solely for myself, and I don't think I would be where I am today. With the site I work for I can't hide behind my screen name.  I am directly held accountable for my opinion.  I'd rather not think that I don't write well thought out opinions, but I do have to think twice before I go off on tangents or rants.  Which is why I still occasionally pop by here, the ability to be an Amateur Blogger allows me to develop my craft as well as grant me several privileges.

I am also happy with being an amateur blogger though, there is certainly a level of freedom, that I am not currently granted, from the ability to write on any topic that I wish.  I've even extended that freedom into several personal issue blogs that I wrote here on GIO, and they have ended up being my proudest work.  As an amateur blogger I'm also given the ability to really discuss issues that effect me directly.  When I write a paid editorial, I have to take several factors in mind.  The primary one is whether or not the audience will be interested in my crazy ideas.  I can't simply just write about one particular mechanic in a game, I also have to provide context to that mechanic and provide an opinion that reads professionally.  In my experience on GIO I was given freedom to relate that opinion directly to myself, without having to worry about attaching a broad spectrum opinion to that post.

The problem with writing, as any art form, is finding that muse.  It is fairly difficult to attach writing to an idea, just because you have an idea doesn't mean you've found a source of inspiration.  If I were to write on each idea that has popped in my head, I don't think I would have had as much success as I've had with my writing.  The conundrum that I face now, is that many of my ideas I've already written on, and I don't believe in repeating myself.  When I became a little more generic in my opinions, I found that my writing took a plunge in frequency and quality, thus I had to adapt.  

(The Title is My New Life Mantra. Positive attitude will carry you further than being Mr. Negativity)